Top 10 Malaysian Websites

Top 10 Malaysian Websites

There is no perfect guideline in determining which is the best or most popular website. However there are a few tools on the internet that are commonly used as a yardstick to gauge which website has the most visitors or many followers. I thought, just for fun today, let’s see which websites in Malaysia have the most powerful traffics.

Note that, it is based on traffic and not Malaysia Best Blog

Top 10 Malaysian Websites

The list compiled below is in accordance with Alexa Ranking as at 3rd December 2012. The number in the bracket indicates the global ranking. See how your website compares to them.

Got plenty of work to do to catch up with them, huh?

Don’t worry.. me too 😀

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Here’s The Top 10:

  1. Google.Com.My (191)
  2. AirAsia Berhad (1,518)
  3. Maybank2U.Com.My (1,829)
  4. Mudah.My (2,021)
  5. Lowyat.NET (2,695)
  6. The Star Online (3,678)
  7. Cari Malaysia (3,759)
  8. (3,986)
  9. (4,180)
  10. Cimbclicks.Com.My (5,253)

No surprise there.

Mostly are giant companies such as Air Asia, Maybank and the Star.

Online forums are also popular as visitors seek for information and ways to promote their products. Plus, discussion on their favourite topic. I sometimes spend my time on Lowyat to discuss about Manchester United.

Top 11 To 25 Websites

  1. Jobstreet.Com.My (6,319)
  2. Groupon.My (7,523)
  3. Busuk.Org (8,775)
  4. MyMetro (8,862)
  5. Utusan Online (9,148)
  6. Pbebank.Com (9,159)
  7. The Malaysian Insider (9,750)
  8. iProperty.Com.My (10,681)
  9. Suara Cakna Komuniti Anda (10,725)
  10. Berita Harian Malaysia (10,990)
  11. KOSMO Online (11,248)
  12. eBay Malaysia (12,154)
  13. Maxis Communications Bhd (12,750)
  14. Nuffnang.Com.My (12,886)
  15. (14,884)

Most of those listed are online news portal, online banking services and online sellers.

Only one blog managed to slip into the top 25 ranking, that is Beautiful Nara which is a popular online gossip blog.

It is currently ranked higher than HarakahDaily, MyNews Hub, Ministry of Education, DiGi Communication, Golden Screen Cinema and PropertyGuru.My.

Not bad, don’t you think?

Top 5 Malaysian Blogs:-

  1. BeautifulNara.Com (14,884)
  2. Paul Tan’s Automotive News (15,593)
  3. Blog Serius (20,728)
  4. Denaihati (22,776)
  5. Amanz.My (23,888)

So, do you think you can boost your blog’s traffic and get into the list?

You’ll need to find the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

You may need help from pakar seo Malaysia too.

Whatever you’ll do, I hope you will find success and one day, who knows? your blog might be listed in “Top 10 Malaysian Websites“.

Good luck and happy blogging.

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