Top Malaysian Political Blogs

Top Malaysian Political Blogs

I really had fun creating the Top 10 Malaysian websites list. Now, let’s extend it a bit further. Come on lah. You have all visited my website on your free time right? Let’s dig more info on Alexa Ranking concerning Malaysian sites/blogs.

I have already listed the Top 5 Malaysian blogs; let’s narrow it down to Malaysian Political Blogs.

Top Malaysian Political Blogs

Well, the election is just around the corner. The PM already sounded the battle cry during the recent UMNO general assembly. It won’t be long before he announces the date.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe on 12.12.12, well how knows?

But one thing for sure, it will be sooner rather than later. So, isn’t it time that we see what the top political blogs in Malaysia are? It might give us a fair indication on how Malaysians will vote come next general election.

I rank the blogs based on Alexa’s global ranking.

Here’s The Top Blogs:

  1. Ameno World –  Global Ranking:  41,906
  2. Tranung Kite Dot Net – Global Ranking:  50,481
  3. Media Permatang Pauh – Global Ranking: 60,544
  4. Anak Sungai Derhaka – Global Ranking:  66, 368
  5. Pisau.Net – Global Ranking: 69,650
  6. KeadilanDaily.Com – Global Ranking: 71,537
  7. Milo Suam – Global Ranking: 75,090
  8. Papagomo – Global Ranking: 77,251
  9. Pilihan Anda – Global Ranking: 82,000
  10. Dr MiM – Global Ranking: 82,428

So, what do you think about the rank?

Did it surprise you? Any blog that you think should make the Top 10? I probably missed a few since the Alexa only rank the top 500 sites and many of the political blogs don’t make the list. 😀

So, take your time and comment on this blog.

Say anything that you like as long as it doesn’t infringe on my comment policies.

– Top Malaysian Political Blogs

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