What’s So Freaking Great About Contest SEO Eridy?

Contest SEO Eridy

It is a common perception for ordinary blogger like me that when it comes to SEO, Google has really screwed us all. You can spend many hours improving your SEO skills or invest your money on SEO tools or services, but you can’t help but feel that Google prefers certain websites or blog over all others. Therefore, when it comes to certain hot keywords that you have targeted, you will lose the fight no matter how hard you try.

Simply put, I sense that Google’s algorithms were written to ensure that only certain blogs or websites will benefit from its creation.

Contest SEO Eridy 

Therefore, it is quite freakishly amazing that I decided to write this piece which will be submitted later as my entry to a SEO contest organised by a blogger named Eridy!

Hmm.. what’s so freaking great about ‘Contest SEO Eridy’?

Who Is Eridy?

  • Honestly, I don’t know who this Eridy guy.
  • I only came to know about his blog about 24 hours ago.
  • Read his blog, not too impressed (sorry dude 😀 ) but I still feel I want to participate in the contest.

Maybe, it is because I had too many ‘cendol’ yesterday, that I suddenly become influenced by a ‘tokey cendol who also happens to be one of the contestants for ‘Contest SEO Eridy’.

Please Google Be Kind To Me

To win this contest, I need to pray that Google will be so kind and put my entry on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘Contest SEO Eridy’.

  • So, there will be ‘sembahyang hajat’, ‘kenduri doa selamat‘ and ‘pertapaan’ soon after I published it on my blog.
  • Plus, I might need to feed all the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird at Google Inc to ensure that they like me and turn my prayer to a success story.

And all the pakar SEO Malaysia, please do not participate lah. Your blog already considered as Malaysia Best Blog maa…

SEO Is Getting Tougher

Joking aside, I feel that SEO has become a lot tougher since the day I knew the word ‘SEO’. Putting aside the increase in competition factor, the frequent changes in Google’s algorithm and the tough requirements set by the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird has forced many bloggers or website owners to turn to alternative methods such as social-medias as a source of their traffics.

Some even roll back the years and are getting serious with e-mail marketing once again.

But you can never ever totally ignore the importance of SEO. Many bloggers (myself included) still rely on the organic traffic as the main source of traffics. Unless you are the ‘Influencer’ in social media world, you can never rely on traffic from social Medias.

Honestly, how many people click on your link every time you tweet on Twitter or posted a link on your Facebook page?

  • I will take this opportunity to gauge my SEO skill, if there’s any 😀
  • Plus, the result of the contest will also give me some indication on how much love Google reserves for me…???
  • The answer might not be wonderful but still it is great to discover something or anything at all.

Those who wish to participate in ‘Contest SEO Eridy’, please visit Eridy.Com. Click HERE for more info.

I wish everyone the best of luck and may the best blogger win.

By the way Eridy, your blog is cool. 😀

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  1. hoho. tudiaaa… english lagi tu.. mungkin kena buat solat hajat berjemaah la kot nanti. frankly, ambe setuju dengan kenyataan SEO makin susah nak jangka sekarang ni. good luck dude!

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