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Alchemy of Souls

by Ismail N   ·  4 weeks ago   ·  

Over the past several months, I found Korean drama very addictive. My lovely wife has some part to blame for getting me hooked to K-Drama and almost abandoning this blog altogether. Now that I have come to my senses, let us have a look at some of my experiences watching those drama on Netflix. For the first post, let’s talk about Alchemy of Souls. The first part of the series which consist 20 episodes just ended last week. The second part is scheduled to be back on Netflix come this December.


Note that the drama’s genre is fantasy. So, just enjoy all the episodes without trying to rationalise the plots. Like other Korean dramas, the strength lies on good screenplay and chemisty between the actors. The romance part is so enchanting and the funny parts are really funny. No episode passed without a big smile on my face and a burst of laughter from my wife.


Alchemy of Souls is about the fate of some of its characters becoming twisted due to “hwanhonsool” or soul shifting using sorcery. The main character, Jang Uk (Lee Jae-Wook) comes from the noble Jang family. He has some unpleasant family history preventing him from fulfill his potential. Jang Uk then met Mu-Deok (Jung So-Min), who happens to be a soul shifter. Originally, she was an elite warrior by the name of Naksu. But her soul is trapped in Mu-Deok‘s body.

Jang Uk knows about Mu-Deok‘s secret but decided to take a risk and make her as his master and she teaches him to fight. At first the relationship is on contractual basis, i.e Mu-Deok to train Jang Uk to fulfill his potential and in return Jang Uk would help her to find the ice stone which will enable her to regain her power and become Naksu again.

Many things happens between episode 1 to 20, from the time they meet to the time they find the ice stone which turned their relationship into something else. Nonetheless, enough spoiler for now, you can watch it on Netflix. All 20 episodes are now available for viewing. Therefore, you don’t have to wait at 11.00 pm every Saturday and Sunday like me for a new episode to be available😉 .

Alchemy of Souls without a shadow of doubt is one the best K-drama on Netflix to date, in my opinion. I shall be making a list of my favorite drama in the future. In the meantime, to you guys that haven’t watched it yet, go and watch it and leave your review in the comment section.


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