A Separation – More than just ‘A Divorce’

Watching a good movie is a wonderful experience.  If the movie is really, really, good, your mind will be totally engrossed in the plot and all your cares will, for an hour or two, be left behind.  Unfortunately, there are not many such movies in the market.  My recent trip to Speedy Video store has yielded an excellent movie for my DVD collection.

A Separation’ is a raw and convincing tale about life.  It presents multiple issues for the audience to chew and ponder.  It’s almost impossible to watch ‘A Separation’ without feeling ‘involved’ somehow.

The script is crisp and as real as it can get.  And there are mysteries as well.

A Separation

It’s about an Iranian couple who was going through a divorce application.  The wife, Simin, filed for divorce because her husband, Nader, refuses to leave Iran with her and their daughter.  His refusal was because he didn’t want to leave his father, who was suffering from Alzheimer.  It’s heart-wrenching to see the bond between the filial Nader and his father.  And it is also a joy to see his devotion to his daughter.

During their separation, Simin left their marital home and stayed with her mother. 

Nader had to hire another to take care of his father while he goes to work.  Unfortunately, the new help carries lots of secrets and Nader’s life was thrown totally off-balance a few days later.

Among the main casts are Peyman Moadi, Sareh Bayat, Shahab Hosseini, Leila Hatami and Sarina Farhadi.  Every one of the casts, from the youngest to the oldest, is superb.

I highly recommend ‘A Separation’ to all.

‘A Separation’ – More than just ‘A Divorce’


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