Akademi Fantasia 2013 Final

Akademi Fantasia 2013 Faizul

There was no Premier League matches last night, so I decided to tune to Channel 104 and watch Akademi Fantasia 2013 finale.

The HBO and Star Movie were re-running the same old movies time and time again while over on the sports channel, Sebastian Vettel’s total domination of F1 has left me with less option but to watch the season-ending episode of the once Malaysia No. 1 reality TV show instead.

Even my wife was surprised with my choice. 😀

Although we used to be fans of the show, the last few seasons of AF were too boring and hardly missed. The producers seemed to have run out of ideas and the contestants’ performance was anything but entertaining.

Akademi Fantasia 2013

Therefore I’m quite surprised to see the huge improvement last night and I was glued to my seat for 3 hours to see the crowning of the new champion in Tawau’s born, Faizul. Congratulations to all those involved in Akademi Fantasia 2013.

Finally, they did something right.

At least in term of preparing the contestants, the selection of songs, lighting and sound system.

Bravo and please keep it up.

The six finalist really gave a good account of themselves and I’m pretty sure they will do well post Akademi Fantasia.

There are not much separating them and you can sense that everyone had a fair chance of winning the competition. In the end, it was Faizul who nicked it although personally I thought that Indah was the best among the six. Azahel also gave a superb performance and their rendition of Hazama’s Penglipura really set the stage alight and left me wanting for more. 😉

Another contestant that caught my attention last night was Nabila. Her excellent vocal and supreme confidence  on stage makes her as the one to watch for in the future.

Overall, it was an entertaining Akademi Fantasia Final. Kudos to those involved and congratulations to Faizul. Well done boy.

Akademi Fantasia 2013 Final

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