American Idol 2015: Clark Beckham

american idol 2015

The current season of American Idol has only a few weeks left, so I guess it’s not too late to say something about this season’s sensation.

The current favourite American Idol contestant is, without a doubt, Clark Beckham.

clark beckham

My wife, and I bet many other wives as well (???), and the general female population too, just adore him.  He’s a multi-talented artist – sings extremely well and plays multiple musical instruments.

When he sings and belts out the high notes, you won’t cringe because he does it with ease every time.  My wife thinks he’s the whole complete package (as an artist, of course) because he has the looks (her words are – Hollywood star good looks, a bit of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, or something like that… hmph!).


head scratch

He is a student at Lee University and was a street performer.  I think he really is the real deal – he really, really loves to sing in public, and not just for the money.  In case, you’ve never seen his performance in Idol, here are a few:

When A Man Loves A Woman

This Is A Man’s World

Every Breath You Take

Anyway, I think he’s better than the other contestants.  Well, no wonder – he’s been singing in public since he was a young boy.

Here, have a look at the teenage Clark Beckham:

Sometimes, he reminds me of the late Ray Charles.  His bluesy-soul-crooner-singing style can be quite mesmerizing and brings a sense of wonder.  I honestly don’t like jazz and blues (except our Blues Gang :D), but I appreciate Clark Beckham’s singing style.

Of course, after some time, listeners will realise that this guy has the habit of screaming or screeching – but never off-key or out of tune.

Unlike most musicians who learn to play musical instruments at an early age, Clark learnt to play guitar from his father when he was 12 and mastered it within 3 years.

After that, he learnt to play the piano.  And to think that he almost didn’t make it during the first audition – Harry Connick Jr didn’t think that he was ready!

But he rectified that situation and never held back during each of this performance after that.

2 thoughts on “American Idol 2015: Clark Beckham

  1. Now that is interesting to know, Marcia. I guess he is the ‘whole package’. I wish he will pick better songs this week (I think it’s today!) – songs that are more interesting and would really showcase his singing skills. All the best to him & all his fans! 😀

  2. You are so absolutely correct!! And if you have not seen the video….while in college, he was in a student filmed short movie. He can act too!!

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