Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?

magic rude

My kids love to listen to “Rude” by  Canadian reggae fusion band, Magic. I like the song too. Like other reggae song, it’s really fun to sing. It has the feel-good vibe in it and help you to forget all your problems for a while. What I don’t like is the lyric. Not the early part though, which is cool and has a bit of humour in it. It’s just the second verse that makes me thinking and hope that my kids won’t take it so seriously and be influenced by it:

Or we will run away, to another galaxy, you know. You know she’s in love with me. She will go anywhere I go…

YES, that part.

To some, it may be a small matter. But for parents like me, it does make us worry if our kids were to be influenced by such words. OK, perhaps the lyric has a different meaning. Maybe it’s just a metaphor. Nonetheless, more often than not, kids will interpret it literally. If daddy says ‘NO‘ to your boy friend, then run away and leave your family. Ohhh.. please…

Listen To Your Kids

I think parents should be sensitive to what their kids are listening to these days. Even TV series in our Astro Channel have less and less family and moral values in it. Learn to sit and watch with them and ask for their opinions. Correct them if they are wrong but at the same time allow them to think for themselves first. Encourage discussions and try to instill as much good values in them. It’s not easy, I know but we parents should always try.

Never leave your child alone and be influenced by others. Even by their friends. Not until you are sure they are ready.

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life

Now, can we have the lyric again, please? Not the second verse but the pre-Chorus:

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes ’cause I need to know..

Pretty much reminds me the day I met my father-in-law for the first time. Thank goodness the answer was ‘YES‘. 😀

P/s: Boys, kalau bapa GF anda tak approve, please jangan bawa lari anak dara orang. Cari jalan to win his heart… ok!

Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?


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