The first time I had the privilege of listening to the pure, raw and excellent Fado performance was 20 years ago by students from Orfeão Universitário do Porto.  The first song above is exactly the song that I heard, though sung by a different group. But the ladies wore costume similar to the above.  I was mesmerised and I bought their cassette which I listened to again, and again. 

Though I didn’t understand a word, it didn’t matter because my heart was touched by their voice and the melody.

A Fado is a Portuguese soulful song – it is meant to touch the soul of its listeners.  The above video by Amália Rodrigues, the world-renowned singer who brought Fado to the great concert halls of Europe and the attention of international audiences.  And the video below is a sample of a fado performance by a group.  Have a look at their costume – that’s exactly the costume that I saw 2 decades ago – black suit, black wrap/shawl and a guitar.  By the way, I also heard this song.

In my limited understanding, fado is a Portuguese cultural/folk song.

And enjoy this instrumental guitar performance.

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