Gangster Celop: Hanis Zalikha On The Big Screen

Honestly, I only watch this movie for ONE reason – to see Hanis Zalikha on the big screen! Well, it’s not that I’m a fan of her. In fact I hardly know anything about her other than she’s a blogger. Yet, I was prepared to spend my precious little time yesterday and forked out RM20 +++ for tickets, popcorn and coca cola to see her in Skop Production’s latest release: Gangster Celop.

I think that is a big undertaking for her as I understand that Gangster Celop is her first movie and I have never been a fan of Ahmad Idham’s movie 😉

Like I said I hardly know this girl and prior to today, I have only visited her blog once, so I had to google the internet before writing this article. Looking at the search result, I feel like I’m still living in the ‘stone age’ or something – ‘macam katak bawah tempurung’.  Hanis Zalikha is no ‘ordinary blogger’ like me 😀 .

She’s hot, she’s popular; many girls want to be like her and many guys want to be with her.

No wonder, Ahmad Idham picked this pretty young lass out of many other girls in Malaysia. This AI is such a clever guy when it comes to manipulating other people’s popularity. He’s really in a class of his own. He he..

About Hanis Zalikha

According to Google,Yahoo, Bing, Wiki, blogs and whatever people wrote on the internet (sorry, I don’t know which source I should select), Hanis Zalikha is a well-known blogger and was on the Top 10 of Malaysia’s Google Search of 2010. She was the first runners-up in 2008 Malaysia DreamGirl Contest and was listed in 19 Most Beautiful Blogger by SuaraPeople.Com. She has 98,850 Twitter followers and 156,613 Facebook Page Likes.

In other words, her popularity in Malaysia is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

Having established the above fact in my preliminary enquiry, I would like to proceed to the full trial : How did Hanis Zalikha perform on her debut film? Plus, what do I think about the movie? Well, keep reading and do comment after you’ve finished reading my article.  😀

Gangster Celop

Before we get into Hanis Zalikha’s performance in the movie, let’s talk about the movie first: Gangster Celop. I think the collaboration between Skop production and Syamsul Yusuf helped Ahmad Idham produce better film than he usually does. The guy has the tendency to over-do and use ‘sexism’ as bait to lure the public to the cinema. Well!

Here he managed to keep it simple and the plots and script are better than his previous work, especially the ‘never-see-again’ ‘Mael Lambung’.

Gangster Celop

There are many funny moments that kept the audience laughing or at least smiling. One of my favourite is the ‘Hello Kitty’ part where the main characters hijacked a small pink car with Hello Kitty figurines adorning the dashboard. Then there’s the moment when they tried to get pass the police road block by impersonating women and man (Just watch the movie and see what I mean). As usual, like many other malay movies, there are some boring and unnecessary parts such as the part where Indian fellas fought each other in between the scene of pursuit of the main casts of the film.

However, overall, it is quite entertaining and better than most of AI’s previous films.

Apart from Hanis Zalikha, the movie also features Syamsul Yusof, Kamal Adli, Azad Jazmin and Yus Jambu. The star of the show is definitely Yus, who gave quite an entertaining performance. ‘K Mon lah’… The guy is really funny and does not require a good script to make people laugh. A true comedian!  I think Kamal Adli and Azad also did well in this film but I’m not too sure about Syamsul. He’s a fine actor but nothing more for me to add.

Hanis Zalikha: The Verdict

As for dear Hanis Zalikha, I will say that she has the talent to be successful in this industry. She did fine in this movie but I don’t think she was given a challenging role in Gengster Celop. In fact, her role is so not important that her character, Suzana can be scrapped without affecting the story or its entertaining value.

She has a long way to go in this industry but I’m quite sure this pretty young thing is here to stay.

Last but not least, Hanis Zalikha has opened the door for other bloggers to seek a career in the entertainment industry. Who knows, you could be next.  Just keep on posting your pretty face and create videos on YouTube that showcase you talent. I wonder, if Skop Production is thinking about a sequel to Gengster Celop? May I suggest bro Ilham from Denaihati for ‘Ayahanda’ role? He he.. He is also quite popular and has ‘ayahanda’ look like Yus Jambu (Just Kidding).

Those, who haven’t watch Gengster Celop, do watch the movie please and support our local movie industry. … K Mon lah

Gangster Celop: Hanis Zalikha On The Big Screen

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