George R.R. Martin : We Await Your Books at Your Pleasure (as if we have a choice…)

I believe fans of high fantasy author, George R.R. Martin will pray for his long and healthy life for years to come, because he is holding hostage the last two instalments of this ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ series.  The first book, A Game of Thrones was published in 1996, after working on it for 5 years, and the second book, A Clash of Kings came out in 1998.  The third book, A Storm of Swords, followed in 2000 but the next one, A Feast of Crows, was released in 2005. The latest series, A Dance with Dragons, is the fifth instalment and it was published in 2011.  Can you imagine the wait?  Some of his fans have been reading since 1996 and the wait for this latest series was more than 5 years!

 George R.R. Martin

And the dear guy is taking his own sweet time.  You’d be excused for thinking that he is taking a stroll through writer’s land but I believe he is being thorough.  Really, I read the books, it is an amazing feat!  His imagination and planning abilities are to die for.  The books are super thick and becomes thicker each time! How does he string his words, I wonder.

And his fans can’t help but love him, albeit their anger for his delays. Can’t blame the guy – the more they criticise and harangue him, the longer it took for him to get them published.  Imagine the stress he was in with everybody literally breathing down his neck.  Is it a wonder the 4th and 5th instalments took more than a decade altogether?

George R.R. Martin’s Official Website

I like his official website.  He dedicated a section for his fans.  They have named their kids and pets after his characters. Some tattooed their skin or painted pictures of the fantastic world. He posted their photos with delight.  I am sure he is pleased that he has affected so many people around the world.

George R.R. Martin is also quite a gracious guy.  Read the info he provided in the FAQ section.  He shares his experience quite freely.

I have HBO to thank for introducing me to the world of Westeros, Bravos, Dorne, etc.  When the series ‘Game of Thrones’ premiered on HBO for the first time, I was in front of the tv.  I don’t know what captivated my interest but I suspect Lord of the Rings trilogy was the culprit.  Peter Dinklage’s lines were also very expressively amusing – lucky him. From that moment, my interest was piqued – I had to read the book.  Times Bookstore was my source.

A Song of Ice & Fire

Since then, I have read all of the current books in the ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ collection. And I am eagerly waiting for the next instalments.  I know that the printed version is usually better than the tv/movie adaptation – just look at Harry Potter, but in this case, since it’s made into a tv series, both versions are just as enjoyable.

However, I don’t watch the second season nor will I watch the next – I want to wait until the whole seasons are finished, and buy the complete DVDs.  I know fans are wondering, seeing that it could be a decade before the last two instalments are complete, what will happen to the last 2 books if Mr Martin is unable to complete them?  What will happen to the tv series? Are we to make our own conclusions, imagine an imaginary ending?  It seems that the tv producers and Mr Martin has planned for that event.

I really hope he’ll be inspired to put an end to our wait earlier, rather than later. So fans, please do not pester or annoy the guy – let him write in peace!

George R.R. Martin : We Await Your Books at Your Pleasure (as if we have a choice…)

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  1. Well that’s a writing to die for. At least it’s going commercial and the right way. Hope it will get that much of attention like the other predecessors’. It’s about time anyway….

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