Harry Potter Theme On Recorder

Harry Potter

My daughter is learning music at school. There were no music lessons during my primary school years, I guess she was early by about 4 years. Anyway, she’s learning the basic theory (reading basic notes, learning about tempo and the names of instruments) and how to play the recorder. So, I am taking the opportunity to learn along with her.

It’s really hard to control the pitch!

Sounds weird when I blew it – sometimes the pitch is freakingly high!

Anyway, to spur our interest in the musical possibilities of the recorder , we searched for inspiration in the You Tube.  So, I hope, in the near future, I will be able to play this tune.

Her rendition of Harry Potter theme has been seen more than 688,000 times!

Harry Potter Theme On Recorder

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  1. ingat lagi masa sekolah rendah belajar macam mana nak guna recoder.sekarang ni kalau main mesti keluar air liur je.hehe…

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