HOBBYCON 2014: Retro Vs. New. Youth, Hobby & LIFESTYLE CONVENTION

HobbyCon2014 3

There are so many things going on in the month of December. I really don’t know which one that I should write about first. I had to clear my memory sticks a few times as it was filled with photos.

  • Some of them I already uploaded in my instagram.
  • Do check it out!
  • The rest will be either posted here or deleted from my collection.


For now, let’s start with HOBBYCON 2014. HOBBYCON is a youth, culture & lifestyle event.  It is an ACG (Art, Costume & Games) exhibition held every year at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

The objective of this event is to gather hobbyists around Sabah, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur and Brunei and act as a platform for young people to showcase their talent, passion and most importantly, to share and spread their hobbies.

Pic credit: www.facebook.com/JohnandyFantasy

HOBBYCON 2014: Retro Vs. New

I was at the event yesterday accompanying my son and his friend. Obviously much has changed since I was a boy. I grew idolising real people like football stars, musicians, etc.

Today, kids idolize digital and comic book characters such as the Punisher, The Jokers, Naruto, Super Sentai, Vocaloid, etc.

  • I feel kind of strange inside the exhibition hall.
  • I thought I was in another planet or inside my TV 😀

Nonetheless, my son and his friend seem to enjoy every moment spent there. No harm done. In fact, we should admire their creativities.

Plus, it might be a good hobby for the lads, too.

HobbyCon2014 2

The HOBBYCON 2014 is currently being held at Likas Sport Complex from 13th to 14the December 2014.

So, today’s the last day if you wish to go there.

  • I will try to upload more pictures to my instagram to those who missed the event.
  • Those who can come, meet us at the event.
  • It will be fun.


While accompanying my son and taking pictures during the event, I managed to observe a couple of things that I feel worth sharing in this blog.

  • First of all, the event provided an opportunity for the youth to feel like a celebrity at least for two days.
  • Sort of like a ‘pengantin‘ becomes ‘raja sehari‘.
  • If you think you want to be a celebrity one day, here’s a chance to taste a glimmer of what may come in the future.
  • Just dress up nicely for the event.
  • The more creative and outstanding you are among the crowd, the more people will come to you and ask to take pictures and sign autograph.

Just like these two below:

Hobbycon 2014 Jokers

Secondly, like many other events in this world, you make money just by being creative.

I saw a guy make money with his drawing skills while others were selling cosplay-related merchandise items, toys and even yoyo. My daughter who came later for the event, asked me if I could buy her a doll [see the picture below].

It was a “YES” from me at first until the seller told me that it cost RM2,500. Arghhh…

Hobbycon doll

Lastly but not least, I was astound by the spirit and bravery of some of the participants especially those joining the contest.  It wasn’t easy to perform in front of such a huge and noisy crowd but they really tried hard to put on a good show. Bravo.

Well, that’s all folks. If you wish to check out more photos of the event, just visit my instagram account HERE.


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