Movie Review: Red Riding Hood


Catherine Hardwicke does like werewolves.  After directing the “Twilight” saga, she now gives us “Red Riding Hood“, a folk story loosely based on the Brothers Grimm’s 300-year-old tale “Rotkäppchen”.  I  must say, the wintery cold scenery is eerily beautiful, unfortunately, the village of Daggerhorn can’t pretend to be anything but a movie set.

This is a love story between the lovely Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), and her childhood sweetheart Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), a poor rugged woodsman. 

But her mom had other plans and betrothed her, against her wishes, to the rich Henry (Max Irons) instead.

Just as she was about to elope with Peter, the werewolf killed her sister.

Then began the hunt by Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), a werewolf-hunting expert, who is almost just as bad as the werewolf itself.  There was a mysterious connection between Valerie and the werewolf, and a few became suspects.

But the truth was not too difficult to discern.

Twilight is a much better story.

– Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

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    Rasa macam mau tengok cerita ni, hehe tapi ada suara-suara yang bagitau cerita ni tak best…

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