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Poltergeist, Amityville Horror, Exorcist – all have one thing in common – a paranormal horror movie where good triumphs over evil. Happy endings.  Still, despite the ‘happy endings‘ they haunt  the viewers years after. Those were supernatural horror movies that introduced paranormal concepts that stays in the mind decades after.

A true horror story.

Nowadays, however, we are served with such horror films with ‘unhappy‘ endings that leave us somewhat depressed, not scared, for a little while after we left the cinema.  Could this be a sign of our time – that the audience believe and accept that life is not a happy ending and that good doesn’t triumph over evil anymore? 

Or that we don’t care that people lose to the dark force?  Or just simply because we don’t take horror movies seriously because there are just too many in the market?


Why am I thinking about this? Because I get to watch the latest horror film to hit our cinema last night – Sinister. So, let me say this : if you are planning to watch ‘Sinister‘, stop reading this – there are spoilers here.

Consider yourself duly warned.

In my opinion, it’s not really a horror movie, it’s more of a creepy story. Sinister means,according to one dictionary, a threatening evil. Merely threatening, until it pounce. But if you like horror movies with unhappy ending, do watch Sinister. I honestly didn’t know, and I was hoping to watch a happily-ever-after horror movie. I should have known that’s not the trend now, since probably a decade ago.

Was I being too naive?

Let’s face it – there are no more happy endings in supernatural horror movies these days.  You don’t believe me?  Let’s make a checklist. Paranormal? No. The Rite? The Cabin In The Woods? Possession? Insidious? No. (Note : in the last two, the fathers became the victim. In Sinister, it’s even worse!). Even where the main character triumphs, there will be a catch at the ending. Or maybe, I have just been unlucky in my choice of movies – or that I am so good at unintentionally picking out unhappy endings?

Nonetheless, horror fans continue to watch.  They definitely don’t mind the endings.  They only want the experience.  The ride/journey is more important than the destination.

I must say, Ethan Hawke shines in Sinister.  He’s a good actor. He plays a desperately dedicated writer who is researching for his next, hopefully, hit crime novel (his last hit was a decade before).  Though I can’t accept his dedication (moving his whole family into the scene of a horrendous mass murder) and his focus (keeping evidence of the crime to himself), still I find that I sympathised with his character’s need for success and money.

Beware – this is one of those movies that has no qualms about making kids die horrificly.

Anyway, the best thing about watching a horror movie in the cinema, as opposed to at home, is when the scenes become terrifying, after the squeaks and screams, they will be momentary laughter by some of the audience. That lightens the atmosphere a bit.

But I wish the ending was different.

– Sinister Is Just That – Sinister

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