SKYFALL – Past, Future, Experienced, Youth

Skyfall 007

Skyfall has wowed audience all over the world. As of today, it has grossed USD $518.6 million (RM 1.6 billion) worldwide and is still reaping more.  What I like about this Bond is, the contrasts – past vs future, technology vs old fashion styles, experience vs youth, old vs young, and yet the movie links them all.

It’s nice to watch the hero comes face to face with his mortality and physical limitations (though age was not emphasized as much as his injuries).  Change is inevitable, if the franchise wishes to have a longer life span.  I had fun watching it though I did, at the end, feel as sad as when I watched Dumbledore died… (grant me some space here for a wee bit of spoiler, 😀 ).

I especially like to see the unspoken affection between M and Bond. 

And having Ralph Fiennes introduced into the Franchise is a good move.  He is a solid actor and has proven himself to be a capable hero (the English Patient) and villain (Schindler’s List/Lord Voldemort).

Having a youthful new Q is also timely.

Though the good and evil of technologies have been debated endlessly since the dawn of the industrial revolution, cyber terrorism is still a nightmare that could easily trample on the traditional Boogieman.

And Skyfall reminds us of the possibilities of the geekdom controlling the world – the meek shall inherit the earth.

Lastly, I just don’t understand why Bond has to have sex with almost all the beautiful ladies that he has spoken to – and most of them die in the movie. Nonetheless, among all Bond movies, I’d say, in terms of storyline, I like Skyfall the best but in terms of script, Skyfall comes only second after Casino Royale.

– SKYFALL – Past, Future, Experienced, Youth

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