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The Hobbit – An Unexpected Long And Tiring Journey

by Ismail N   ·  9 years ago  

The Hobbit

Remember this video? – [How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended]. The maker of the video suggested that there is a simple option that Gandalf and The Fellowship had ignored when they decided to destroy the ring.

They should have used the eagles instead of taking that long and tiring road to Mordor.

Not to mention how dangerous the road was!

The issue came to mind yet again in the Hobbit movie when the eagles made their appearance toward the end of the movie but stopped short from sending Gandalf, Bilbo and the Dwarfs to Erebor.

Not included in the service agreement, eh?

An Unexpected Long And Tiring Journey

So, we are left to sit in the cinema hall for about three hours watching another national geographic documentary of beautiful New Zealand and same fighting scenes again. Except the dwarfs looks taller, the orcs are much weaker and mountains can fight (yes, mountains fight in this movie).

I think Peter Jackson is still trapped in the LOTR world and tries hard to use the movie to explain a few more details regarding his award winning, box office movie. He should have named the movie LOTR – An Unexpected Journey since watching it is like watching a prequel of LOTR trilogy.

Even Frodo Baggins made an unnecessary cameo appearance in the movie! I wonder if PJ is going to bring in Samwise Gamgee as well?

The Lord Of The Rings Ingredients

The movie has all the “Lord Of The Rings” ingredients except that the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is more believable and straight to the point. There were many parts in the movie that is so unbelievable such as the battle in goblin tunnels where all 13 dwarfs and hobbit managed to escape alive from thousands of orch.

The film is a bit too slow and too many unnecessary plots as though Peter Jackson is trying hard to break the film to 3 parts like LOTR.

Then again this is just my opinion. There are probably many people that liked and enjoyed the movie. As a big fan of LOTR and having watched the LOTR trilogy many times, I probably expected more from The Hobbit.

I guess I’m just a bit disappointed.

– The Hobbit – An Unexpected Long And Tiring Journey


  1. donnyien

    hai bro,

    baru sahaja menontonnya… satu pengembaraan yang mendebarkan dan penuh dengan perjalanan yang tidak disangka-sangka.

    1. wokey, nampaknya ada yg suka filem ni 😀

  2. baru tengok tadi. ok gak la. tapi serius..letih menunggu 3 jam tu..

    1. banyak adegan yg slow, tu yg buat letih kot 😀

  3. mie

    kurang skit dengan citer diorang..

    1. Yup, faham. Bukan semua org suka citer mcm ni 😀

  4. Joe

    Macam tak menarik je cite nie. Still better dy tukar tajuk cerita nie kpd LOTR: An Unexpected Long And Tiring Journey

    1. Bagi kawe kureng lah.. Maybe org lain suka… 😉


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