Movie Review: Thor


After bringing forth Iron Man, The Incredible and Iron Man 2, the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be very proud to present to us ‘THOR’. 

Chris Hemsworth (who impressed us as James T. Kirk’s father in Star Trek) stars as Thor, a Norse God while Odin, Thor’s father, is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this movie starts with a war waged by Odin, King of Asgard, against Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, to prevent them from conquering the Nine Realms, starting with Earth.  The mighty Asgardian warriors defeated the Frost Giants and seized the source of their power, the Casket of Ancient Winters.

The scenes were amazing!

Then we were introduced to the mighty Thor, who since young, was so filled with superhero confidence. 

Sometime in the middle of the story, the powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard by Odin and sent to live amongst humans on Earth.  There were funny scenes here even where there should have been sympathy.

Even if you have read the spoilers, just go and watch the movie because you would still be moved and mesmerized by the cinematic experience.  In short, I am impressed with Marvel Studios for bringing us such wonderful entertainment.

I can’t wait to watch their next project, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers and Iron Man 3.

Movie Review: Thor

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  1. oh must wait for green lantern too..but i’m not sure that is movie by Marvel Studios,

    the movie had won the award for most anticipated movie and movie star, ryan reynolds have been expected to act his superb role! 😀

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