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I had the opportunity to watch TV9’s Versus Season Two last night, Thursday. Five bands were given the task to re-arrange songs and perform it in front of 2 jury and battle to become the best of them all. I’m not very sure how the winner will be selected but the competition format is quite clear that you are required to rip apart the song given to you and impress the audience with your own interpretation of the song.

Since this is season two, I think the bands are improving or at least better prepared than last year’s.

Two thumbs up for Kristal, Estranged, Kyoto Protocol, Manifesto and OhChentaku for giving us quite an entertaining performance last night. What makes their effort more impressive is that they were only given 24 hours to complete their task and kudos to them for coming up with an excellent effort and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action in the next episode.


Special praise must also be given to TV9 for coming up with brilliant ideas of pitting up the top bands in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in such an entertaining show. They really did their homework, I must say. They simply concentrated on the important aspects of the show i.e the sounds system, lighting and cameras.

The jury’s comment were kept simple and smooth and nobody ‘meroyan’ or did ‘lawak tiga suku’ which can destroy the competition just like in AF and other reality TV shows.

I wonder if the videos that I saw last night were dubbed and edited because the sounds and everything were excellent. I hope it is because the producer has taken careful and thorough work on the sound system etc to make sure they sounded really professional. It was far better than Anugerah Juara Lagu where most of the vocals were drowned by the loud music and left the singers struggling to find their keys.

If it was because of the latter, I hope they just keep up the good work.

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As for the bands, there are not much gaps between them. The musicians were excellent and the singers are really well established. For the first task, they were asked to perform rock hits from the 80’s and 90’s. Yup, songs from the ‘Rock Kapak’ era! Not the heavy stuffs but ballads famously known as ‘tangkap leleh’ back then. The bands were given 24 hours to re-arrange the songs and make them fresh and current.

Themed ‘Band Malaya’, the first episode turns out to be great and none of the bands really let themselves down. They were all pumped up and made it all clear that they want to win ‘Versus’ this season. It is going to be tough for the fans and jury to pick the winner, I think.

However, rest assure, there will be a worthy winner by the end of the season.

Kristal started the show with a bang and gave a powerful rendition of Fotograf’s song ‘Di Alam Fana Cintaku’. True to their instruction to ‘rosakkan lagu’ (destroy the song), Kristal turned Fotograf’s classic hit into a heavy and crunchy rock song that sounded somewhere between Metallica and Nirvana. It really set the tone for the night when all bands chose to shift to the power chords and heavy metal riffs that completely turned the ‘tangkap leleh’ songs to errrr… heavy metal songs?

Few added the funk and alternative sounds to their style and it wasn’t bad either. Overall, it was good and it will be difficult to hand pick a winner for last night’s performances.

As for me, I like Manifesto and their interpretation of Dinamik’s song, ‘Biar Putih Tulang’. They managed to keep the sweet melody intact while improving the tempo and groove of the songs. Really ‘kick a**’ stuff by Manifesto. Tomok really has grown and become a very good singer and he really has a very good band supporting him for this competition.

Nonetheless, they must be able to control their emotion as evidently shown in their performance where one of the band members fell after exaggerating  too much in front of the jury. That was a total calamity and could cost them in the future.

I think all of them gave good performances and again credit for TV9 for a great band selection. They are not only good musicians but they also offer variety of styles for fans to watch and enjoy.  I think I will be a big fan of ‘Versus’ this season. Can’t wait for the next performances from the boys. Bring it on!

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