Sunday,20 August,2017


10 Things To Do When You Travel To Sabah

I came to Sabah about 17 years ago. I was very young and adventurous then. A lot of things had changed since. But, one thing remains the same: Sabah is a beautiful place and has [...]

Online Shopping at Zalora Malaysia

I made an online purchase at Zalora Malaysia on Monday afternoon and walla, it arrived yesterday, Wednesday morning, barely 46 hours after I made payment!   Although during checkout it was mentioned that delivery will take [...]

Kasih Sayang Resort – A Cool Haven In KK

Kasih Sayang Resort is an unassuming haven.  As it is perched about 2400 feet above sea level, among the hills of Bukit Kokol which sits on the Crocker Range,  the temperature is quite pleasant, between 18°C [...]