Thursday,17 August,2017

A 5-Star Dining Experience At Mango Restaurant, Tamparuli

ayam berempah

I was at Tuaran today. After Friday Prayer at Masjid an-Nur Tuaran, I immediately headed to Rumah Terbalik at Tamparuli to experience an incredible fine dining experience at the Mango Garden Restaurant of Rumah Terbalik Borneo.

The dishes consisted of delicious borneo cuisine and local favourites which I will post here in a few days’ time.

Mango Restaurant

For now, I wish to dedicate special thanks to Ms Diana Chia and Chef Fortunato Lowell @ Asrif, for their warm hospitality and graciousness today.

With so many culinary offerings on the menu, and at such reasonable price – I will definitely revisit Mango soon!

– A 5-Star Dining Experience At Mango Restaurant, Tamparuli

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  • Nugroho

    it seems that the food looks delicious, the dish about what material?.
    chicken or beef?.

    November 26, 2013, 7:20 am