Asian Dolce Latte: Inspired By Asia, Created By Starbucks


I had my breakfast at Starbucks this morning. With lots of assignments to complete, a cup of delicious and refreshing Starbucks coffee is a good way to start the day. After all, I had not been to Starbucks Café quite a while now, which is so not me who as you all now a self-confessed Starbucks coffee addict 😀

I parked my car somewhere in Api-Api Centre and walked to Warisan Square where I ordered a cup of Asian Dolce Latte and a slice of cheese cake.

So yummy! You should try it too.

Asian Dolce Latte

I haven’t tasted Asian Dolce Latte before though I have been thinking about it since they introduced it about a month ago (I think).  The Latte, is Starbucks Espresso roast layered with dolce sauce to create a Starbucks classic latte with a unique Asian twist.

This beverage has an extra shot of espresso in it to give it that extra roastiness and rich espresso flavour. You can add cream topping for free to add more taste to it. (See the picture above).

According to Starbucks’ brochure, Asian Dolce Latte is an espresso based beverage which is inspired by Asia. It has a familiar taste that is enjoyed throughout many parts of Asia. Hmm… really? For me, I think I like the original Latte better.

Maybe, I don’t enjoy that extra shot of espresso, I’m not sure. Ha ha.. Still, I don’t mind if you wish to buy me a cuppa.

Ok, that’s all folks.

Enjoy your coffee and let’s get back to work!

– Asian Dolce Latte: Inspired By Asia, Created By Starbucks


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