Coffee Without Sugar

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Since kids I was taught to drink coffee with sugar (and milk, of course). That’s what many people do right? It’s the traditional way to enjoy your coffee. You can ask for ‘Kopi O’ Kaw’ (stronger coffee) but you still add sugar to it.

You can also ask for ‘Kopi Kurang Manis’ (coffee with less sugar) but you still add sugar to it.

Whether it is Starbucks coffee or Nescafe or Kopi 434, you will never know how the coffee taste actually.

That is because the coffee was added with additional flavours on it, i.e sugar or milk. So, I decided to embark on a mission to learn more about coffee – the real taste of coffee with no sugar or milk on it.

The first experiment does not go real well actually. Read previous posting HERE. The coffee tasted bitter like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I almost lost my sanity after finishing the coffee. 😀

Then again, I might have gone overboard with my experiment. I mean two shots of pure at the first asked. I should have asked the Barista a tall ‘Americano’ and drink it without sugar first and then slowly moves to stronger coffee.

Thank god, I’m not fainted or having trouble sleeping.

It wasn’t a 100% success but still it open the door ajar for me to explore the real taste of coffee.

Coffee Without Sugar

After a week, I finally adapted to drinking coffee without sugar or milk. Freaking awesome actually! I can almost differentiate every coffee that I drink. I can actually feel the different texture in each coffee be it Starbucks, Santola, Dome or Nescafe.

Take away the added flavours and you will certainly can enjoy the real coffee taste and understand why blending is such an important process on coffee making.

If you can get the right blend, you can almost certainly more people to like your coffee.

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Well, the real coffee addict like me lah.. 😉

I don’t think I will ever drink coffee with sugar and milk anymore. Why ruin it with sugar? Plus, I believe drinking less sugar will also good for my health. So, whenever I go to Starbucks, I will ask for tall Americano with additional shots (3 shots) and drink it without sugar.

Sometimes, I request them to put less water to it to get the stronger taste of coffee.

Or if I’m just feeling too sleepy, I just request one or two shots of espresso and enjoy it without sugar. It’s really great.

Try it yourself.

Coffee without sugar – come on, you can do it, right?

– Coffee Without Sugar

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