Durian Fiesta, Tuaran

Durian Fiesta

Great news for all lovers of the king of fruits, durian, residing within driving-distance from Tuaran, Sabah! In conjunction with ‘Eat Local Fruits‘ campaign, Durian Fiesta will be held in Tuaran, Sabah, from 15 – 17 August 2014 (this weekend, folks!). 

So, if you have no aversion to these wonderful food (which I honestly could not stand, but which my darling wife loves), and want instant durians to gobble, then do travel to Tuaran and head straight for the Tuaran Community Hall (Dewan Masyarakat Tuaran) on those dates.

According to a FAMA officer which we contacted recently, there will be many types of local durians offered such as durian kahwin, durian kampung, durian dalit, etc.

I don’t know whether the expensive Musang King variety will make an appearance…


Each person will be charged RM20 for the chance to eat as much durian as she/he could for a period of one (1) hour only.  The durian eating will be held in sessions and each session is believed to be able to accommodate about 50 people.

When I asked around, many durian lovers think that RM20 is quite expensive and will not allow them to enjoy the experience.  According to them, durians should be eaten leisurely with family and friends, while chit chatting, etc.

So, at that price, I hope they’ll also provide free bottled water – and wouldn’t it be nice if each participant/customer is given at least a small container to take home? 

Anyway, how much durian can a person enjoy in an hour? 

Gorging on durians in a rush may be hazardous to health for those with high blood pressure.

So, it’s important to note is durian‘s high calorie content and to remember not to consume durian with alcohol or carbonated beverages – your stomach may not be able to tolerate the combination.

By the way, I read in Borneo Post online that the Durian King ARW outlet held an eat-all-you-can Durian Fest at its Asia City outlet for only RM10 per person last month.

Although I don’t desire durian at all, I hope they’ll do it more often, for the sake of durian-lovers. 😀

– Durian Fiesta, Tuaran

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  1. I am a durian lover but if given a choice I wouldn’t want to gobble up as much durians in an hour. Durians are to be savoured not to be eaten hurriedly 😀

    1. Agree with you on all points. That’s why I feel that RM 20 per hour is a bit excessive for many people. Maybe they should have charged RM 10 per hour. Don’t you think?

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