Enjoying Caffè Americano At McCafe

Americano McCafe

I have written many articles on coffee in the past. Those who are not familiar with the types of coffee, can check out my older postings to understand: what is espresso?

and what is Frappuccino? etc.

As for the term ‘Caffè Americano’, it basically refers to ‘American style coffee‘.

In Europe, coffee is essentially ‘espresso‘. Americans however, does not prefer to drink these thick and dark coffee.

So they added water to the espresso, giving it a similar strength too, but different flavour from your regular drip coffee.

You can adjust the strength by citing the number of shots of espresso to the Barista and the amount of water added.

I normally ask for 2 or 3 shots of espresso in tall size (small size) with only half full of water. Yummy!


In the US, “Americano” is used broadly to mean combining hot water and espresso in either order. However, in a narrower definition it refers to adding water to espresso (espresso on the bottom). If you reverse the process, i.e adding espresso to water (espresso on the top) instead, then this will be referred to as a long black coffee.


Don’t be.

It still taste like coffee whatever style they prepare it for you.

The best place to get your Caffè Americano is surely at Starbucks. San Francisco Coffee and Santola Bar also serves great Caffè Americano but my favourite is obviously Starbucks.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from trying other types of coffee such as the one in McDonald’s McCafe.

McDonald’s Americano

I normally go to McDonald’s in the morning. Well, they have that RM5 McValue Breakfast and my daughter loves Hot Cake very much.

I had only tasted coffee at McCafe a couple of times before.

On both occasions, I ordered Caffè Latte. This time I decided to try Caffè Americano with Choc Cheese Cake for my little one.

I didn’t ask the Barista to adjust the strength (I also don’t know if they allow it at McCafe).

I just wanted to know how they prepare the default Caffè Americano for McCafe.

Choc Cake McCafe

The verdict?

Well, too much water for me.. Ha ha.. I needed at least another shot of espresso in the McCafe Caffè Americano to truly taste their coffee.

Still, it wasn’t bad, really.

I bet there are many out there who likes McCafe’s Caffè Americano. 😀

– Enjoying Caffè Americano At McCafe

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  1. Oh,paling saya gemar ialah Kopi jenama Maxim di Jepun. Dipanggil Triplesso, cukup kaw dan mily dan beraroma. Jika mahu dibuat perbandingan, ia jauh lagi sedap dari Starbucks. Jika tuan dah cuba, saya jamin tuan ketagih! haha

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