Lucy’s Kitchen At Metro Town Kota Kinabalu

Lucy’s Kitchen

The first time I heard of Lucy’s Kitchen was when somebody was telling me about their exquisite durian crepe.  I don’t eat durian, so I didn’t pay any attention to the tale.  But then I saw it’s huge premise at Kepayan Ridge and the many diners inside, so I thought, hmm… I should try it out someday.

A friend of mine worked in the kitchen and have assured me that the food are halal.

Lucy’s Kitchen At Metro Town

One fine evening, while I was on an errand in Metro Town, I dropped by Lucy’s Kitchen.  I think it was about 7.30pm and the place was half full.  The seats and tables are small and the air-conditioning was very strong.  For me the seating arrangement was too crammed.  I haven’t tasted the food yet, but I was eager to run out of the restaurant because of the cold.  I should have sat outside but then again, all the seats are already taken.  So, I prayed for my order to arrive swiftly.

The menu was quite interesting, with variety of offerings, but I decided to order Basmathi Rice With Grilled Chicken while my wife ordered Lamb Chop – we’re quite conservative.  We ordered Kid’s burger for my son.

Basmathi Rice With Grilled Chicken

Lamb Chop

ice cream

My order came first, thankfully.  The Lamb Chop soon after, but my kid’s burger arrived very, very late, so we asked them to pack it for takeaway.  To me, the grilled chicken tasted good and quite tender almost as though it was steamed, and the sambal was my favourite.  It reminded me of something I tasted long ago… but can’t quite remember.

The Lamb Chop was ok with a very generous portion but the meat was a bit chewy.  And we thought they forgot the mashed potatoes until we discovered it hidden under the lamb!  Very neat trick.  😀

By 8.30pm, the place was getting busier with more customers coming in.  Evidently, it’s a popular hangout place for families.  So, those wanting to dine at Lucy’s Kitchen should come either very early or much later.

I would definitely drop by Lucy’s Kitchen again – there are still many more items to sample!

Lucy’s Kitchen At Metro Town Kota Kinabalu

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