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To those in KK or coming to KK, If you have yet to try out the wonderful dishes at Mango Garden Restaurant, , Sabah, this month of Ramadhan would be just the time as they are offering set dinner and free flow of starters and desserts through Groupon.

It consists of:

Main course (Choose 1):

  • Manuk binalah kari (chicken curry) with briyani rice
  • Kambing binalah kari (lamb curry) with briyani rice
  • Fish curry with briyani rice
  • Beef rendang with briyani rice
  • Manuk tinapah (barbecued boneless chicken) with briyani rice

Note: Served with papadom and soup of the day

Buffet counter: Salads, Ulam-ulam, sambal belacan, Siamese tomato salad, Acar rampai

Kuih Muih: Kuih penjaram, Kuih kochi, Kuih bingka ubi, Kuih kosui, Kuih pulut pangang, Kuih lapis

Desserts: Kurma, Bubur pulut hitam, Bubur cha cha, Assorted puddings

This offer through Groupon costs only:

  • Meal for 1 person for RM20 instead of RM30
  • Meal for 2 people for RM35 instead of RM60 (only RM17.50 per person)
  • Meal for 4 people for RM62 instead of RM120 (only RM15.50 per person)

What a lovely spread.  And I especially like the free flow of starters and dessert.  So, grab your Groupon today!

– Mango Garden Groupon

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