Mee Kolok at Restoran D’Kenyalang, Tuaran

Mee Kolok

Before we got into Mee Kolok, let we talk about inflation. Recently, I was hugely astonished to learn that Biryani Rice in a restaurant that I frequented has increased in price to RM9! 

  • What the heck! 
  • They say it’s to cover the minimum wage requirements. 

Mind you, this is not an air-conditioned restaurant – this is the authentic Indian restaurant that serves roti kosong, etc, at usual price.   Some friends think that maybe the cost of basmathi rice has increased.

I really can’t comment on that.

However, I distinctly remember back in the days (only a few years ago actually) when the family’s favourite Nasi Ayam Rohayu (Chicken Rice) was sold at RM4, Biryani Rice was about RM5.  Now, Nasi Ayam Rohayu is RM6 and Biryani has increased tremendously.

Next year, when GST Malaysia is enforced, I’m pretty sure that the prices of Nasi Ayam and Nasi Biryani are not going to sit still.

Fortunately, my wife and I cook quite regularly.  One could go bankrupt eating in the local restaurants!

Mee Kolok Restoran D’Kenyalang

Not being a frequent restaurant-goer, I was quite delighted to come across Restoran D’Kenyalang when I was in Tuaran town recently.  It is highly recommended by our fellow blogger, Blogger Mus of My.Mustaffa for it’s Mee Kolok.

Thanks bro! 

Of course, I tried out the Mee Kolok (RM6) of Restoran D’Kenyalang.

Restoran D Kenyalang

Lauk Pauk

Mee Kolok 2

Nasi Kukus Ikan Keli Berlada

According to Mus, the cook is 100% Sarawakian and the mee is also brought in from Sarawak.  The other dish we tried was the Nasi Kukus Ikan Keli Berlada (RM7.50).  The mee is quite thin, but not as thin as bi-hoon.

At first, I ate it without the curry soup.  I could taste a hint of spices in the mee.

Then, I pour in the curry soup and it tasted much better.

Tuaran Map

G-Mart Tuaran

The Nasi Kukus Ikan Keli Berlada was also quite nice, and I believe it’s not easy to find restaurants serving ikan keli here in Kota Kinabalu.  So, if you happen to be in Tuaran next time, do drop by Restoran D’Kenyalang.

Look for the huge G-Mart or One Stop Superstore yellow signage (quite new shoplots), then drive straight till you reach the last building.

Restoran D’Kenyalang is situated somewhere in the middle of the last building.

– Mee Kolok at Restoran D’Kenyalang, Tuaran

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  1. Setahu bunda mee kolok ada di Serawak jer… sebab bunda pernah tinggal beberapa tahun di Kucing Serawak…

    Bunda suka makan mee kolok buatan asli dari warga Serawak…

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