Nando’s Chickenland @ 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu

Nando’s PERi-PERi Flame-Grilled Chicken landed in 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu last year, but I only went there last month. I couldn’t bear lining up for a meal – not quite so desperate for a taste of PERi-PERi. But I guess it must be very tasty – there’s always a queue, especially during weekends.

One fine day, as my family and I were out strolling in 1B, lo-and-behold, there were many empty seats in Nando’s! Perhaps because it was after 2pm.

The heavenly stars were perfectly aligned – we were hungry and there were seats aplenty – it’s our time for Nando’s!

Nando’s Chickenland @ 1Borneo Hypermall

The seats and table were mostly spacious, enough for a family of 4-6. Upon the recommendation of the nice waiter, we ordered a Full Platter (RM53) which includes 4 regular side dishes. We picked Mild and Lemon & Herb flavours for the chicken; and chose chips, Mediterranean rice, grilled veggie and wedges Sweet Potatoes as sides.

Although the Full Platter is stated for 2-3 persons, it could actually serve more, fortunately….

For those who are very sensitive to spices, I’d suggest that they simply order Lemon & Herb because even the Mild flavour was a bit too hot for my little son. As for the sides, everything tasted ok, except for the grilled veggie. It simply didn’t jibe well with us. Perhaps it’s the tanginess. Luckily, the rice was very filling, the wedges tasty and the fries ok.

PERi-PERi Flame-Grilled Chicken

Nando wedges Sweet Potatoes


We also ordered PERi Soup and Garlic Bread (RM7.90) for my little boy – a precaution, in case he disagreed with everything. That was quickly consumed. And we also tried one Fino (that’s Portuguese for ‘Posh’) side – the Sweet Potato Mash (RM6). It’s hard not to like sweet potatoes. I think it goes well with the chicken. As for drinks, we ordered some sodas (RM5.90), ice lemon tea (RM5.90), Sunkist orange juice (RM7.90), cappuccino (RM8.90), Iced Chocolate (RM7.90) and hot chocolate (RM8.90).All the ‘bottomless’ drinks such as sodas and ice lemon tea are refilled for free.

Truly bottomless if your stomach are also bottomless…

PERi Soup

ice cream Nando


Finally, for dessert, we ordered some Chocolate Mud Pie with ice cream (RM10.90). It was a warm piece of cake with a molten chocolate centre, topped with a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream of our choice (Vanilla/Chocolate). It was sweet and delicious.

Of course, most sweet things are yummy. 😀

Nando  Chickenland 02

Nando  Chickenland 01

Will I be heading back to Nando’s again?? Can’t say …

Nando’s Chickenland @ 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu

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