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New Starbucks Malaysia Rewards

by Zurainny Ismail   ·  4 weeks ago   ·  

It is with great pleasure that I share this news – each ringgit that we spend in Starbucks Malaysia is now included for rewards. Therefore, we will be entitled to collect points for each sip and bite at Starbucks. Aside from counting every ringgit spent, another improved feature of the new Starbucks Malaysia rewards is that, you could choose whether you want to be rewarded with a handcrafted beverage or food.

Spend, Collect Stars and Get Rewards

So, the more we spend, the faster we earn the “Stars”. Doesn’t matter whether we spend on promo item or regular priced item, whether it’s handcrafted beverage or food, etc. Every ringgit spent counts. Unlike the previous rewards system where purchase of promo items were not eligible towards rewards.

But first, you need to update/change your password. Make sure your email address is still valid. Immediately upon update of your password, you will get a welcome gift – 30 bonus points (if I’m not mistaken).

list of starbucks malaysia new rewards

How to Earn the Stars?

As long as you’re a registered member (through Starbucks card or the mobile apps) you’ll collect Stars on almost everything you buy at participating Starbucks stores in Malaysia. Those Stars will add up and upon reaching 200 Stars, you can redeem your preferred Rewards. Choose either your favourite Grande beverage or selected Food (the on-going promo selections are usually excluded).

I repeat, you’ll earn 1 Star for every RM 1 Spent. I’d suggest you pay with your mobile apps. It’s easy. Just register your card in the apps, reload the account and pay. Your balance will be protected even if you lose the card or change your phone. Hopefully, no glitches like dulu-dulu…. As we at DLSL like to say, dulu lain sekarang lain. 

Other Rewards

Birthday treat is still available. You’ll get a complimentary slice of cake with purchase of a handcrafted beverage during your birthday month. In fact, I got it twice last month, psst… don’t tell their management! The birthday reward will be valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

There are also special days when you’ll earn extra/bonus Stars for every ringgit spent. You’ll be updated through the apps about the promo or just follow Starbucks Malaysia IG or FB accounts for their latest news.

Recent Promos

One beautiful day, as I was innocently walking into the SB outlet in KK, I came across this beauty. Looking at the comments at SB IG account, many fans have lamented about how swiftly it was gone from the shelves. It is a collaboration between Starbucks Malaysia and Christy Ng, one of my favourite local brands. Let’s talk about it in some other article ya.

The point is, I got a couple of extras from that purchase, aside from fast-tracked my rewards.

Most importantly, I’m delighted to be able to compose and post articles at SB again, like this one!

Please do #staysafe and #healthy everyone!



  1. sukalah peminat starbucks laa ni 😉

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Yup, suka sangat! Cepat sikit dpt rewards…


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