Burger Bakar At KK Burger Bakar

This Saturday, we’re planning to have a family gathering in a secret place (yeah, right!) to celebrate our daughter’s birthday 😀 . The arrangement was made by her lovely uncles and aunties and we are truly grateful and obliged. I’m thinking about preparing ‘Burger Bakar’… Read More

Mango Garden Groupon

To those in KK or coming to KK, If you have yet to try out the wonderful dishes at Mango Garden Restaurant, , Sabah, this month of Ramadhan would be just the time as they are offering set dinner and free flow of starters and… Read More

Coffee Without Sugar

Since kids I was taught to drink coffee with sugar (and milk, of course). That’s what many people do right? It’s the traditional way to enjoy your coffee. You can ask for ‘Kopi O’ Kaw’ (stronger coffee) but you still add sugar to it. You… Read More

Starbucks US Raised Coffee Prices

Starting from Tuesday, 25.06.2013,  has raised the prices of some of its coffee beverages in several of its cafes in the U.S. That could mean an extra ten cents for a tall brewed coffee. According to a Starbucks spokesperson, less than a third of beverages… Read More