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Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak: Ramadhan Buffet & Meal Deals


There is an abundance of Ramadhan Buffet deals on offer nowadays, you are just spoilt for choices.  Hotels and restaurants are rushing to join the bandwagon to promote their Ramadhan buffet offerings and the deals could cost anyway between RM30 to more than RM100 per person.

Honestly, how many of us have surrendered to that temptation?

Why do I classify ‘Ramadhan Buffet’ as a temptation?

Temptation is defined as “a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise”. Simply think of the calories, the costs and time spent while facing a buffet spread.

Chances are, when you come face to face with a Ramadhan buffet after a day of fasting, you’ll overeat and then overeat again, which can cause indigestion and heartburn. 

And it is especially wrong, unwise and harmful for those who are overweight and have other health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.  For those who are perfectly healthy, moderation is the key.

But can anyone really practice moderation in front of a temptation?

Afterall, there’s no point being at an eat-all-you-can buffet if you don’t really eat.  You must savour the dishes (at least a bite of all those you like), take your time (so you don’t choke) and have some company (so you don’t get bored eating alone for hours).  Is there a way to make buffets harmless or at least, less harmful?

Here are some tips I gathered and prefer, to minimize the impact of buffet meals on the body:

  • Wear clothes that fits you snugly, and has a subtle way of letting you know when you have had too much to eat.
  • Take a seat at a table that is furthest away from the main buffet spread – you’ll get to exercise on your way to and from mountain of food.
  • Break your fast with water and dates, fruits or simple kuih (pastry) first and take a break – perform Maghrib.
  • Have a look at the spread, pick a smaller plate and choose only those that you know you like (avoid wastage) – preferably those that are prepared with less oil and sugar.  If you are a fan of ulam, veggies and fruits – then go for it all.
  • Skip white carbohydrates such as rice, pasta or bun.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well.  Then wait 15 minutes before deciding if you want to have another round.
  • Share the sweetness – grab the cakes or ice cream and stuff, then share your plate with your companion.
  • Sip lots of fluid in between each meal.

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

While we’re on the topic of buffet meals, let me share with you this fine deal at Casa Ombak.  Located strategically at Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang this place is easy to find, especially to the city folks out there. But if you’re still having problems finding it, simple app such as Google Maps and WAZE can be useful or perhaps, you can just refer to the map below:

casa ombak map

What’s so great about Casa Ombak?

First of all, Casa Ombak is not just an ordinary restaurant or hotel that offer buffet during Ramadhan period.  In fact this is not a restaurant at all.

This is a fully functioned bungalow that has been turned into a place for gathering or events. In this case, we shall say ‘iftar gathering’.  With all the gardens and decoration in place, people who come here will feel like being at home. Yup, like having iftar at your own house minus the cooking and cleaning. 😀

Plus, the food are absolutely delicious too.

casa ombak

How much does the buffet cost?

At RM55 per head (RM27 for kids), this is simply one of the best Ramadhan Buffet deals in the city. 

Do try out their masakan kampong, ikan bakar (grill fish), Nasi Kerabu, Paru Sambal, ulam sambal belacan plus many more. Enjoy great view of the modern KL’s skyscrapers while taking a leap back to the past with the masakan kampong.

Ramadhan Buffet

A little bit about Casa Ombak….

Like I said, Casa Ombak is not a restaurant. The whole concept of ‘Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak’ was specially designed for this year’s fasting season. Then again, who knows, they might extend it into a full-time restaurant post-Ramadhan.

Casa Ombak is wholly owned by Ombak Creative Solution who are involved in the business of planning and catering for weddings.  They had been in the business for quite a while and this year they decided to come up with this new concept. Excellent!

Those who wish to know more about this place can contact the owner, Akma Omar who happens to be a successful blogger cum entrepreneur:

Call/Whatsapp : Akma Omar 013 2680001
Tel : 03 21818750
Call/Whatsapp : 013 624 1417
Call/Whatsapp : 012 662 1062
Facebook page : Ombak Creative
Website: www.OmbakCreatives.com

At the moment, my resolve to maintain a healthy diet plus a game or two once a week, is still going steady.  I even managed to skip drinking coffee this Ramadhan as it’s dehydrating – except for 1 day when it was served at a family function and it totally slipped my mind.

But later, say, after 15 days of fasting, I’m not so sure… I might find myself in the middle of a buffet spread so tempting that I may snooze through sahur.  Anyway, if you have or are enjoying a buffet meal, don’t be too hard on yourself – we are allowed to occasionally over-indulge… 😀

– Ramadhan Buffet & Meal Deals: Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

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