Santola Bar Cafe – Hidden in Plain Sight

Tucked at an unassuming location next to School of Coffee but conspicuously named Santola Bar Cafe, I would not have entered its premises if not for other Sabahan bloggers’ high recommendations. The word ‘Bar‘ really can mislead…

Honestly, I have been driving past Santola Bar almost daily but never thought that it’s actually a cool cafe, catering to local coffee lovers and serving authentic Sabah coffee. It offers:

  • Santola‘, pure coffee beans incorporating their unique Borneo Liberica Coffee Beans and
  • Malcafe“, a combination of pure coffee beans, tea powder & cocoa powder.

What do I like about Santola Bar Cafe?

From the moment I entered, I was pleasantly surprised by the sharp contrast between its exterior building and interior atmosphere.  Then, the friendly greetings from the team were very welcoming, definitely not robotic.  There were spots for 1 person, 2 persons and more. You choose the size of tables you prefer. We choose the one that closer to the window and just below the aircond.

I ordered a Cafe Latte and Curry Puffs while my friend ordered Kopi Tarik Ping and Nasi Kuning. I believe their version is ‘kurang manis‘, just as encouraged by the Health Ministry and our PM recently. 😀  We have no problem with that. In fact, I have been trying so hard to lower my sugar intake, so this is kinda helpful.

To be honest, we had a hard time ordering as the menu is filled with pages of delicious choices. Therefore, we really took our time flipping through it. And low and behold – there’s a 30% discount for members!  Such a huge sum…

Of course, I signed up. 😉

Barista Santola Bar
A very handsome and friendly Barista at your service....

Santola Bar Kolombong

If you need more info on Santola Bar and its current events/promotions, you could visit its Facebook page. According to its FB page, it has been awarded with Halal, ISO and ICAE certifications. Not many coffee shop in this country can boasted with such recognition, right?

Opening Hours:

By the way, it opens at 8am – 10pm (Monday-Saturday). But I forgot the Sunday hours…. so sorry…


So, if are anywhere in Kolombong area, do drop by ya! Look out for the big ‘Kopi Cap Kuda‘ posted on the entrance.

Address : 29, Jalan Kilang, SEDCO Industrial Estate, 88816 Kota Kinabalu. Tel : +6088 428 468, +6010 931 6733 (Booking or Order)

Santola Bar Cafe – Hidden in Plain Sight

9 thoughts on “Santola Bar Cafe – Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. Kurang manis tu yang tak best. Ini kedai cina ka? Sorry sebab tengok ada tulisan cina kat depan kedai. SEDCO area mana ni ya? Tak pernah dengar pula. Saya pun orang KK juga dulu. hehe

  2. This is indeed a hidden treasure. From outside does not look like a cafe! By the way.. The word ‘Bar‘ really can mislead…especially for muslims.

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