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Starbucks Malaysia Seasonal Beverages and New Menu Starbucks Malaysia Seasonal Beverages and New Menu
About 2 weeks ago, Starbucks Malaysia revealed more seasonal beverages and new food items on the menu. The Summer Beverages are Berry Hibiscus Cold... Starbucks Malaysia Seasonal Beverages and New Menu

About 2 weeks ago, Starbucks Malaysia revealed more seasonal beverages and new food items on the menu. The Summer Beverages are Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew, Choco-choco Nutty and Mango Matcha Freeze.  For fans of Starbucks drinks, this means a trip to SB outlets. Since Starbucks Malaysia comes out with an average of a new drink or two monthly, it keeps fans and followers excited and on their toes. For a simpleton like me, it can be rather daunting. How to choose when there are so many things on the menu?

My Starbucks Experience Protocol

Unlike most Starbucks patrons, when I enter a Starbucks outlet, the first thing that crosses my mind is not “What am I going to order today?”

Instead, even before I place an order, I would ask myself, “Hmm….where do I sit today?”

I am a working mother and the ambience at SB outlets is really suitable for writing and reading. I’ve seen many students/undergrads conducting group discussions or doing assignments there. It is also a nice place for catching up with friends and meeting clients.

Moreover, let’s be honest, Starbucks drinks are not cheap. People would usually raise an eyebrow when you mention buying a Starbucks drinks. For a person earning minimum wages in a city (ORP = 1200/26 = 46.15/8 hours per day = RM5.77 per hour), it is equivalent to 3 or 4 hours of work.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, the cost is justified because:

  • Starbucks drinks are handcrafted by trained and experienced barista
  • the coffee is freshly brewed
  • the price includes the atmosphere of gracious welcome, polite and friendly barista, and freedom
  • spacious and comfortable seats
  • pleasant music and songs
  • ample power outlets for charging devices.

As such, Starbucks handcrafted beverage is best savoured leisurely while one is sitting at one’s favourite corner.

My Favourite Spots

In picking a spot, I would look at the chairs, the tables, the power sockets, lighting and the overall environment. I don’t mind the noise, nor the crowds. But I prefer good lighting.and nearby power outlet. The table must be comfortable for me to write on, hence, not too low. You can’t get this sort of hospitality and convenience at most other cafes, not even at pricey hotel cafes.

In my case, I like to enjoy my handcrafted Starbucks beverage while studying or catching up on work. Or while blogging. After years of drinking Starbucks beverages, I have identified my preferred spots at my favourite outlets. Spots such as this one.

A seating area at Starbucks

One of my favourite spots at Starbucks. Can you guess where it is?

And usually, after I have secured a nice spot, I would select from among my favourite handcrafted beverages – the super sweet, creamy, indulgent frappuccinos.

Starbucks Malaysia handcrafted beverage

Mouthwatering Starbucks Frappuccino (Photo credit : Starbucks Malaysia FB)

Starbucks Malaysia Seasonal Beverages and New Menu

Okay, let’s now talk about the current seasonal offerings, Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew, Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino and Mango Matcha Freeze.

Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew

This is a curious drink. Described as ‘a deliciously fruity twist to our signature Cold Brew’.

Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew is a combination of coffee and tea. If you game for coffee kaw2, flower tea and fruits, you should give this a try. Then share with us your experience, ya. 

It is made with:

  • Teavana Hibiscus tea (yes, real hibiscus flowers juice or essence),
  • real mixed berries (I think only the juice),
  • Cold Brew, and
  • garnished with an orange slice of citrus.

Many commented that it tastes very bitter. I guess the Cold Brew beats all the other ingredients.

Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino

When I really want to indulge, this is my kind of drink. To craft this sweet and nutty blended beverage, the ingredients include:

  • a unique blend of Starbucks very own Frappuccino® Roast,
  • rich chocolatey hazelnut sauce,
  • topped with mocha whipped cream, and
  • a generous heap of almond crunch.

A blend of coffee and chocolate! I definitely tasted the coffee, which enhanced the chocolate flavour. A crunchy, chocolaty drink. Decadent.

Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino

Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino. I love the cup’s floral design – is it cherry blossom?

Mango Matcha Freeze

Mango Matcha Freeze is part of Starbucks’ Tea-logy beverages featuring Teavana premium teas mixed with seasonal fruits. This colourful iced beverage is a blend of:

  • smooth and creamy Teavana Matcha,
  • sweetened with mango and passionfruit juice, and
  • added with a scoop of mango jelly with chunks of mango.

While I like my coffee sweet and creamy, I usually prefer my tea simple, kosong, so to speak. But I do love mangoes! Versatile and adventurous tea lovers should try it out.

Starbucks Foods

Sitting for hours without food can make the tummy grumble. Don’t fret – Starbucks also have foods. There are cakes, pastries, meals, etc.

Now, in addition to the new summer beverages, there are also these new mouth-watering foods on the menu.

Starbucks Malaysia foods

New menu at Starbucks Malaysia – Spicy Tuna Asam Laksa Macaroni, Salted Eggs Smoked Chicken Macaroni and Cheesy Chicken Baked Rice. (Photo credit : Starbucks Malaysia FB)

These new menus are interesting, don’t you think so?

A very Malaysian fusion meal consisting of:

  • Spicy Tuna Asam Laksa Macaroni
  • Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni
  • Cheesy Chicken Baked Rice

All are available at Warisan Square Starbucks outlets, I am happy to report.

 Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni

Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni, with a slice of cheese on top.

To my untrained palate, the Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni has a mild flavour, and creamy texture (I asked for an additional single cheese). Adorned with crispy curry leaves, it was an ok dish. I would love to add a bit more pepper and salt to it, actually. But that’s just me.

Starbucks Other Seasonal Handcrafted Beverages

Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino, Tropical Triple Citrus and Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale

MCO/Aidilfitri beverages – Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino, Tropical Triple Citrus and Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale

Besides the above new beverages, some other earlier offerings are also still available (I think). I have tasted all three of the above drinks with my girls and we are not partial to any one of them.

By the way, there are always some on-going promos related to seasonal beverages such as:

  • Buy 1, Free 1
  • Buy 1, Get 2nd one 50% off
  • Get 2 Grande-sized promotional beverages at only RM24

Usually, the above promos are subject to payment using the Starbucks mobile apps. If you follow Starbucks Malaysia FB page or IG, you’ll be able to prepare ahead of time.

Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino

Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino is inspired by our Malaysian classic, ‘Air Jagung’ (Sweet Corn Juice). Coincidentally, or purposely, it came out just before Ramadhan, if I’m not mistaken. Of course, being a frappuccino, it is way creamier. The beverage combines the creamy taste of buttered sweet corn, a swirl of green tea whipped cream and a generous drizzle of sweet caramel sauce.

Tropical Triple Citrus

Tropical Triple Citrus tea is a combination of orange juice, Teavana Emperor Cloud & Mist Green Tea, and at the bottom of the drink you’ll be delighted to find real slices of grapefruit, lemon and orange. A bit of vitamins and fibre there for your health!

Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale

In spite of the fact that I usually prefer fruit juices than anything matcha-based, in this case, Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale wins over Tropical Triple Citrus. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t explain it, honestly. It is described as a ‘soothing and velvety Matcha latte base that is completed with mild toasty notes from the oolong jelly for that extra chewy texture’.

After we have finished the drinks, these are our souvenirs – reusable tumblers.

Starbucks Malaysia Reusable Tumblers

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Starbucks support recycling efforts. Using these tumblers for your next order of handcrafted (cold) beverages would entitle you to a RM2 off. The one on the extreme left is a Raya-themed cup. It is not reusable but can be re-purposed into other things such as a pen hold

Thank you for reading, stay healthy and safe, and have a wonderful Hari Raya Aidil Adha tomorrow.

Zurainny Ismail

Previously an IR consultant focusing on industrial harmony, she now serves as a Legal Manager. She still loves exchanging ideas and thoughts with others on many subjects. An occasional knitter and an aspiring crooner.

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