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Starbucks Malaysia x Christy Ng Collaborations

by Zurainny Ismail   ·  1 year ago   ·  

As casually mentioned in a previous post, I snatched this Starbucks Malaysia x Christy Ng Collaborations beauty at my usual Starbucks hangout spot. An exquisite burgundy tote, with delicious mooncakes tucked inside. The vibrant colours and design is quintessential Nyonya, in my humble opinion. Don’t you agree?

Starbucks x Christy Ng Burgundy Mooncake Gift Set

When I spotted a few of the totes on display, my heart leapt with joy, actually. I honestly thought I missed it, as many Starbucks regular patrons complained that the totes/mooncakes were gone on the first day itself.

I haven’t used this exquisite mini canvas tote yet, as I usually carry lots of things, therefore preferring a humongous handbag. Perhaps soon, for a special but casual occasion.

HR Issues?

I believe most Starbucks staff are exceptional. However, as much as I’d hate to say this, I think SB needs to monitor their staff and the inventory at certain outlets. Kesian all the fans who susah-payah took the time to visit the stores on the launching day specially to get the tote, but be robbed of the chance. Even the 2022 planners are sold at Shopee before they were officially available at the stores! How they get their hands on so many of the planners is a mystery.

Please make up your mind, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd. Do you want to prioritize your customers visiting the outlet or the mass market? If the latter, by all means, mass produce the mercs and sell them at online stores. Everybody will be happier as there’s no need to collect the Reward Stars.


Now, let’s return to the mooncakes in the petite tote.

A box of mooncake was neatly placed inside the tote, and included a high quality plastic knife for slicing the cakes. For this purchase, I also received a voucher for 2 complimentary tall handcrafted beverages. Awesome, thanks Starbucks!

Starbucks Malaysia Mooncake 2021
4 delicious mooncakes inside: Caramel Macchiato, Golden Lotus Salted Egg, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline and Matcha Adzuki

There were 4 mooncakes inside the box – Caramel Macchiato, Golden Lotus Salted Egg, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline and Matcha Adzuki. All were delicious, of course, but my favourite is the Golden Lotus. I am simply a sentimental lady.

Additionally, the purchase also entitled me to buy Starbucks plastic tote at RM5.

Starbucks Malaysia x Christy Ng Collaborations  – A Larger Totebag

Starbucks x Christy Ng Canvas Totebag with my other Christy Ng bags

Some time later, I also managed to grab this Starbucks x Christy Ng huge totebag. It’s so huge, I could hide inside it! Just kidding…. But I’m telling you, this one also disappeared super quick in Peninsular.

Here in Kota Kinabalu, the tote arrived a bit later and so, I had ample time to be on the lookout. Mind you, I do this only for Christy Ng. And for the annual Starbucks Planner, too, definitely.

Anyway, as prove that I am Christy Ng’s follower, here’s a pic of me sporting my Christy Ng’s Corey Quilted Mules in sage green and a navy Evie Totebag from the Quilted Edit Collection. I think I look deceptively slim in the photo.😅

Me with Christy Ng's Quilted Edit collection

Next – the Starbucks Malaysia 2022 Planner! Here’s a sneak peek. The first time I saw this pic, I thought they were wallets! They look so small.

Pic Credit : Starbucks Malaysia

These babies already arrived in KK. I know, because I’ve flipped and examined it. This time, unlike previous years, Starbucks Malaysia Planner looks better than Starbucks Philippines’. Looking at unboxing videos, Starbucks Philippines’ 2022 Planner design appears very simple.

What’s Next?

Things are looking rosier now, so it’s a good time to do some travelling and sightseeing. Let’s support our local hospitality industries, and if you happen to visit KK, do check out Hotel Sixty3.

However, Covid is still lurking in our midst, so please do follow the sop, stay safe and healthy everyone!

Last but not least, all the best to folks in Malacca in the upcoming state election!



  1. Nur

    Wah, selalu lepak Starbucks ye. 🙂

  2. santai2 aje bekerja di hujung thn sambil minum kopi di Starbuck… sy x keluar makan sbb Kelate skg tgh hujan lebat. kita pekena ubi kayu rebus je la..

  3. lama sungguh tak minum dan lepak di starbuck…

    cuma tengok dai jauh sahaja

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Skali skala apa salahnya, Mr Hanafi….

  4. Used to have one of the Starbuck planner and it was the only merchandise from Starbuck that I bought, selain dari kopi dan cookies..haha

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      What about bags or shoes? Any favourite designers?
      Akak dgn Planner/Organizer SB dah mcm ada 1 tradisi, mesti dptkan tiap2 thn kecuali kalau rupa dia teruk sgt, then skip….hahaha


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