Starbucks US Raised Coffee Prices

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Starting from Tuesday, 25.06.2013,  has raised the prices of some of its coffee beverages in several of its cafes in the U.S. That could mean an extra ten cents for a tall brewed coffee.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, less than a third of beverages will see an increase. The prices of some beverages like Grande or Venti brewed coffee, as well as Frappuccino and Refreshers remain the same.

This would be the first price increase in some of the regions in close to two years.

However, prices are not expected to go up in some markets like California and Florida.

Interesting to note that (as pointed by the media) the coffee prices are being increased at a time when the company’s profits are improving due to lower coffee costs.

In the last reported quarter, the company said that its operating margins have improved due to strong sales leverage and lower coffee costs.

Nonetheless, Starbucks Corporation is confident that the price increase won’t affect their performance this year. This has been backed by several of its customers who said that while the prices have gone up, the increase, which is about 1% is too little to have any impact on the customers.

According g to Mark Warden, a regular Starbucks customer, the company could probably go up a little bit more and it still wouldn’t make much of a difference in his drinking habits.

In its last quarter, Starbucks saw an increase in profits and a decrease in the price of coffee beans.

Hopefully this price increase won’t happen here. 😉

– Starbucks US Raised Coffee Prices

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