Two FREE Starbucks’ Mocha Praline

Mocha Praline Frappuccino

The good thing about having a Starbucks Coffee membership is once in a while you can enjoy FREE drinks at their outlet. There are several ways how you can get FREE Starbucks coffee and I have explained some of it HERE.

Once you are entitled for your free drink, do not hesitate to get the best and most expensive one for you.

Don’t  la order Americano unless you really prefer black coffee instead of blended coffee, ok? 😀

Or you could buy yourself the Americano and treat someone else to a Frappucino® Blended Beverage .

One of the best and highly recommended (by me) Frappucino® Blended Beverage at Starbucks is the Mocha Praline Frappucino®.

The price for Mocha Praline Frappucino (Grande) is RM 18.60 inclusive tax. Request for cream topping (FREE) to add more taste to it.

About Starbucks’ Mocha Praline

Here’s some info about  Starbucks Mocha Praline: Warm bittersweet chocolate infused with the flavour of hazelnut combined with espresso and steamed milk; finished with whipped cream and drizzled with mocha sauce.

Well, you can read it more at Starbucks website.

You can also check on Nutritional (sugar, fat, caffein etc), like many of us (coffee addicts) care! 😀

Get Free Mocha Praline


By the way we had two free Starbucks Mocha Praline today. See the receipt above. Yummy! It’s so delicious.

– Two FREE  Starbucks’ Mocha Praline

6 thoughts on “Two FREE Starbucks’ Mocha Praline

  1. hi,

    Just to tell you that having a starbucks in Mauritius would be wonderful….I taste it in Malaysia since couple of weeks wow, sooooooo delicious, just because of starbucks am planning to make another trip…………………


    1. Wow, I don’t aware that it taste differently in different countries. Great to know that. Maybe one day I shall have a cuppa at Mauritius. Thanks for sharing with us.

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