Sunday,20 August,2017

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Online Natural Skincare : Organichana

Whenever possible, I always choose organic or natural products over synthetic skincare products for various reasons.  Fortunately, compared to a decade ago, it is now pretty easy for us to get our hands on international [...]

Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs

    Some time before Christmas last year, I received a wonderful package of these 3 wonderful natural bath and body scrubs from SweetGlo Scrubs.  As a firm believer in the benefits of daily facial [...]

Beauty Products Online – Nature Republic on Hermo

I love surfing for beauty products online. It has become my preferred method of buying skincare that I don’t remember when’s the last time I bought skincare item in a physical store. The reason? Buying [...]

Beauty Products Online – A Simple Review of Top Beauty Products

I love to sample products and getting samples of beauty products online for free is a wonderful thing.  Men must accept this fact – women need to try out many products before we decide on [...]

Human Nature Holiday Giveaway 2015

Seperti yang dijanjikan dalam post terdahulu, sempena musim cuti-cuti Malaysia ini, DLSL akan menganjurkan peraduan Human Nature Holiday Giveaway bermula dari hari ini, 23 November 2015, dan berakhir pada 6 Disember 2015.  Giveaway ini akan [...]

Going Minimalistic on Makeup with Human Nature & Holiday Giveaway

In my previous post, I wrote about my skin care essentials – day and night.  Now, let’s talk about cosmetics.  What are your must-wear cosmetics items? I mean the stuffs that you won’t be caught [...]

Evening Skin Care Routine

Research indicates that good looking people gets better employment and promotion opportunities – especially when it is coupled with skill, talent and good personality. While being ‘too pretty’ may go against a woman (me thinks [...]

Human Nature’s Natural Skincare – My Basic Skincare Routine

Finding skincare products that satisfy the heart, mind and skin is not easy.  Ask any woman – that’s why we love samples, to avoid feeling cheated when the products do not work, OR WORSE, has [...]

Produk Penjagaan Kulit – ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’ dan ‘Synthetic Chemical’

Saya yakin, tiada seorang pun antara kita yang tidak pernah menggunakan sekurang-kurangnya satu produk penjagaan kulit (skin care), badan (body care) atau rambut (hair care), misalnya sabun, shampu, bedak, dan sebagainya.  Apabila anda hendak membeli [...]