ADA : From The Yoga Mat Into Your Mouth

Azodicarbonamide or ADA, is an industrial chemical mixed into polymer plastic gel to generate tiny gas bubbles, something like champagne for plastics, resulting in materials that are strong, light, spongy and malleable.  Among other things, it is used to make yoga mat and slipped on flip-flops.  It could also be found in the food we eat daily such as bread, doughnut, etc.

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Taken tiny bits at a time, ADA should pose no problem.  But consumed over the years?  According to the World Health Organization, workers handling large volumes have reported respiratory symptoms and skin sensitization, but ADA has not undergone extensive testing of its potential to harm human health.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has listed a couple of food manufacturers that have served us with ADA such as Sara Lee, Pillsbury, etc , and also found in the bread sold by Subway, Starbuck’s, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts.  Vani Hari, creator of highlighted the issue last month, and that article generated 451 response.

For more info, do visit: EWG website.

It’s best to know what you put into your body.

ADA : From The Yoga Mat Into Your Mouth

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