Are You Eating Superbugs?

I received an interesting and rather alarming report from the Environmental Working Group few days ago. It’s about the antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs contaminating the meat of livestock injected with an excessive (and unnecessary) amount of antibiotics.

The report reminded me of an article in the Readers’ Digest that I read many years ago about deadly superbugs which are said to be a public health threat that is second only to HIV.

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Superbugs Invade American Supermarkets

According to the EWG Report entitled ‘Superbugs Invade American Supermarkets’:

Not surprisingly, superbugs spawned by antibiotic misuse — and now pervasive in the meat Americans buy — have become a direct source of foodborne illness. Even more ominously, antibiotic misuse threatens to make important antibiotics ineffective in treating human disease. In the past, people who became ill because of contact with harmful microbes on raw meat usually recovered quickly when treated with antibiotics. But today, the chances are increasing that a person can suffer serious illness, complications or death because of a bacterial infection that doctors must struggle to control.

The proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria poses special dangers to young children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Remember KFC and the antibiotic scare in China ?  Nowadays, concerns over the excessive use of antibiotics are really having an impact on parts of the population, judging from the availability of free-range chicken or ‘ayam kampung’ in supermarkets.  My neighbour even has a chicken coup at home, which has yielded a few chicks.  And we are not living in a kampong.

Do read the EWG report and also get some ideas on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from those superbugs.  Although the EWG’s report is related to the situation in the USA, I believe that what is happening there could also happen here if we’re not careful.  In my opinion, this is a valid concern that our Government should always keep in mind so that we would not have to face similar situation.  Perhaps encouraging certified organic produce and livestock should be given a priority in the country’s agriculture development plans.

Click HERE if you prefer the pdf versions of the report and the tips.

Are You Eating Superbugs?


  1. terima kasih
    rakyat biasa memamng harapkan bekalan terbaik dan selamat diluluskan oleh kerajaan
    pilihan dan pengetahuan yang ada rasanya sangat sedikit

  2. Superbug. Mmg ancaman yg cukup bahaya utk kita. Dngan penggunaan antibiotik yg tak terkawal dan jumlah dosage yg mungkin berlebihan terutamanya dalam industri ternakan, pasti bakteria2 mampu berevolusi lebih cepat menjadi superbug.

    Rasanya, masanya dah tiba utk kerajaan lebih buka mata dan laksanakan undang2 yg ada utk sekat penggunaan antibiotik berlebihan.

    Macam yg bro DLSL cakap, produk probiotik, prebiotik malah produk organik lain wajar diberi perhatian dan bantuan yg secukupnya utk mengatasi masalah superbug ni..

    thanks bro sharing such great article but i’m wondering if our people alert about this matters.

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