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Blaylock Wellness Report

Being 40 means more to me than just getting older.  It means minor aches all over the body, weight gain, white hair, less energy, etc.  While I have never been too interested in general health matters before, I now read a few online health articles just to ensure that I am not actually killing myself slowly.

Of course there are also many advertisements for healthcare products – which I basically try to ignore and do not click at.  I do subscribe to a few and don’t mind the emails – I just read those that

I’m interested in and some are from other parties about new breakthrough information.

The Blaylock Wellness Report

But there’s one that’s worthy of consideration : The Blaylock Wellness ReportDr Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and author, aims to educate us on how to improve our health, cure our illnesses and not merely treating the symptoms.

His views are usually controversial, and certainly not mainstream.

However, his Neswletters must be subscribed to. 

The good thing is, at only USD48 (12 online issues in 1 year), you’ll also gain full access to all the past issues (currently, there are 111 past issues) on topics such as Why Fluoride Is Toxic, Health Exams That Can Save Your Life, The Diabetes Solution, Protecting Your Eyes, 5 Secrets They Don’t Teach Doctors, Aluminium : Poison Hiding In Plain Sight, etc.  This is really the one to read.

In his latest article, Hardened Arteries Are NOT Caused By Cholesterol, he explains the real causes of heart disease and how to improve our health in this area.  His writings are not too scientific to understand and the best thing is, his solutions are rarely medicines – they are usually natural remedy and a change in habit/lifestyle.

Anything to save us from a trip to the clinic, heh?

Or, you could just listen to this video about the 7 things that activate Alzheimer’s in your brain – especially if you’re over the age of 45.  According to world-renowned brain expert Dr. Russell Blaylock (whose parents have both suffered from another neurological disorder – Parkinson’s) diseases affecting the brain now appear:

  • Earlier in life
  • More frequently
  • And to a much more severe degree

While 1 in 8 older Americans already suffer from Alzheimer’s disease today, Dr. Blaylock offers some positive news. To help as many people as possible fight back against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, now the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., Dr. Blaylock has recorded and released a video presentation highlighting these 7 things that activate Alzheimer’s in your brain.

Dr Blaylock believes these brain-devastating maladies could be prevented and even if you already show forgetfulness and mild memory loss, you can use his strategies to help repair the damage — but only if you know these 7 things that activate Alzheimer’s in your brain.

I suggest you put your headphones/earphones on and listen to him or you could read it HERE.  I see older people that are going through ‘forgetfulness’ (we refer to it as ‘nyanyuk’) and some who are spared.  Before this, I always believe it’s a normal thing and am learning to expect and accept the possibilities.

But if it’s really is preventable and treatable, shouldn’t we try it out for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones?

– Healthy Issues – The Blaylock Wellness Report

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  1. “Hardened Arteries Are NOT Caused By Cholesterol”

    wow! menarik tajuk ni..seolah2 bakal memberi persepsi baru ttg kolesterol yg mmg baisanya dikaitkan dgn arteri tersumbat

    thanks bro berkongsi

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