No More Food Pyramid, Meet The Food Plate


I was always been suspicious of the USDA Food Pyramid – especially when I see people managing to lose weight (and stay healthy) by eating more protein and less carbs.  CBS News reported yesterday that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, ‘unveiled the USDA’s update on America’s visual nutrition guide, replacing the familiar – and much maligned – pyramid with a plate’. (emphasis added)

After almost 2 decades of being referred to by the world, the modified version of the Food Pyramid has 7 key dietary points:

    • Enjoy your food, but eat less
    • Avoid oversized portions
    • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
    • Drink water instead of sugary drinks
    • Make at least half your grains whole grains
    • Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1 percent) milk
    • Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals – and choose the foods with lower numbers.

So, I guess this means that now fruit and veggies are sharing a space at the bottom of the pyramid with the grains.  Actually, now, there’s no more Food Plate, instead of the Food Pyramid.   I guess it’s not nobody dares to put veggie at the bottom of the pyramid when so much of it is sprayed with pesticides, etc.

The great thing about the Food Plate is that it has more specific instructions such as less salt, more water.

If you want some ideas on your daily need, get your customised Daily Food Plan .  I’m telling you, it’s an amazing Plan!

– No More Food Pyramid, Meet The Food Plate

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  1. Lupa nak bagitau, syok sangat nak minta belanja punya pasal, saya kuat makan, tak makan sangat sayur tapi tak suka minum manis2, gula pun tak suka, hehe. Saya juga bukan pengemar daging…kira sihat la juga kan? 😉

  2. amalkan gizi yg seimbang kan abg mail.. hehhe

    tapi maza selalu gak terlajak..
    ni salah org rumah ler, siapa suruh dia masak sedap2 …aderkkk…

    tapi ikan bilis goreng pun dikira sedap ke? ahaks.. hehheeh

  3. fuyoo, iklan berbayar
    btw food pyramid ni cuma graphical presentation nak bagi umum paham macam mana nak makan secara sihat, intake yang sepatutnya bukan main melantak je..

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