Sunday,20 August,2017

Health & Beauty

Healthy Issues – The Blaylock Wellness Report

Being 40 means more to me than just getting older.  It means minor aches all over the body, weight gain, white hair, less energy, etc.  While I have never been too interested in general health [...]

Are You Eating Superbugs?

I received an interesting and rather alarming report from the Environmental Working Group few days ago. It’s about the antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs contaminating the meat of livestock injected with an excessive (and unnecessary) amount [...]

Coffee And Health

To those who never read about my coffee drinking habits and my favourite Starbucks beverages, let me say this, I am a coffee drinker who also loves Teh Tarik. There are many articles written about [...]

Cancer Treatment In Malaysia: Photodynamic Therapy

I have written several articles on cancer in this blog before. Check out HERE, HERE and HERE. I must admit that it has become one of things that concern me a lot especially when I [...]

The Healthcare System and Cancer Treatment for the Elderly : A Follow Up

In my last post entitled The Healthcare System and Cancer Treatment for the Elderly, I wrote about, among others, the poll conducted by Macmillan Cancer Support that elderly cancer patients in UK are being denied [...]

The Healthcare System and Cancer Treatment for the Elderly

According to the controversial World Health Report 2010 by the World Health Organization (WHO), United Kingdom is ranked 18, even better positioned than Canada (30), Australia (32) , Finland (31), US (37), etc. In Michael [...]

Mammogram Subsidy – Early Screening Could Save Lives…

I was with my wife at a luncheon last week when we met him. He was a retired government officer with two kids sitting next to him. Although they don’t look alike, still I had [...]

Jom Gemuk Bersama Dr Makio Iwashima

Ramai blogger yang nampaknya mempromosikan “Seminar Jom Kurus” bersama Kevin Zahri. Ada yang telah pun mengesahkan diri untuk menghadiri seminar tersebut. Amat bagus sekali dan moga-moga para perserta kursus akan mendapat banyak menafaat nanti. Pastinya [...]

Do You Know What Lunchskins Are?

If you are considering an environmentally-friendly device for your kid’s lunch bag, but more gorgeous and trendy than the usual lunch boxes, do give Lunchskins a try. Q: Do you know what ‘Lunchskins’ are? LunchSkins [...]