The Modbox

I purchased a beauty box from the Modbox a month ago and wow, was I excited – my first beauty box ever!  If you want to know about Beauty Box, do read my articles here: What Is A Beauty Box  and here: Kota Kecantikan. Modbox… Read More

Beauty Box : Kotak Kecantikan

Beauty Box atau Kotak Kecantikan (kalau ada sesiapa boleh bagi translation yang lebih menarik, sila kongsi ya) adalah suatu program penjualan atau langganan sampel produk-produk kecantikan seperti produk penjagaan kulit (skincare), kosmetik, haruman (perfume), penjagaan badan (body care), penjagaan rambut dan sebagainya.

What Is A Beauty Box?

What Is A Beauty Box? A beauty box is a box which contains beauty products (usually in sample/deluxe/travel sizes) such as bodycare, skincare, haircare, make-up, etc.  I love beauty boxes because of the affordable price and the delightful surprise element – you don’t know what… Read More