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Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs
    Some time before Christmas last year, I received a wonderful package of these 3 wonderful natural bath and body scrubs from SweetGlo... Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs



SweetGlo Body Scrubs

Some time before Christmas last year, I received a wonderful package of these 3 wonderful natural bath and body scrubs from SweetGlo Scrubs.  As a firm believer in the benefits of daily facial cleansing and weekly facial scrubs or exfoliation as part of the basic routines to delay the signs of aging, I think our body also needs some tlc. Frankly speaking, I sometimes miss a ritual or two.  Nonetheless, I try to observe them as much as possible, especially now in my 40s when skin cell renewal process is slowing down.

A weekly body scrub is highly recommended for those who wants a healthy skin and it’s also good for romance…..

Wanna know how?

What is Body Scrub

What is Body Scrub

Actually, not many are familiar with body scrub.  Many have no clue about it. Body scrub is a simple process where the skin is exfoliated or scrubbed using a gentle body scrub product (sugar or salt-based) which is rubbed and massaged across the skin.

The Purpose of a Body Scrub

The purpose of a good body scrub is to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Dead skin cells accumulate on your skin and can interfere with the skin renewal process, causing your skin to look dull, flaky or dry. To make matters worse, as you grow older, your skin renewal process decelerates. So, a scrub would help speed things up a bit.

The Benefits of a Body Scrub

Among the many benefits of a good body scrubbing are:

  • Improve skin renewal process

When dead skin cells are removed from your skin, new cells can regenerate better. A proper scrub will leave the skin looking fresh, smooth, soft and glowy.  Moreover, a freshly cleaned and scrubbed skin can better absorb moisturisers or lotions.

  • Boost circulation

As you rub the exfoliating granules over your body, it could help boost circulation and drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.  Much like a massage.  Better still, a scrubbing coupled with a gentle massage can be very relaxing.

  • Therapeutic

If the scrub’s ingredients include essential oils, the process would be even more beneficial, like an aromatherapy session. Lavender essential oil is a favourite choice because of its relaxing qualities.  You can read about some of the many benefits of essential oils here.

  • Elevates ‘feel good’ mood

It’s really amazing how the refreshing texture of granules against your skin and the captivating scent that fills the shower can bring about an experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue your day or evening.

  • Romance

Scrubbing your back by yourself can be hard.  Why not turn it into a romantic session with your spouse?  You scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours?  Light some scented candles or whatever you like to make it special. More memories to cherish, build a stronger bond and invigorate your love life!

In short, the process of cleansing, exfoliating and massaging provides benefits that go beyond what a bar of soap can do.  A body scrub that combines all three processes has various benefits not only in terms of maintaining a youthful skin, but also as a form of relaxation to combat stress, lift your mood and preps you for the next day at work.

How to Do Body Scrub

If you have never done a body scrub before, here are some recommended methods, but feel free to improvise as you like.

  1. Wet your skin for a few minutes using warm or hot water, whichever you prefer, to soften the skin.
  2. Turn off the shower and apply the sugar or salt scrub onto your skin. Start from wherever you feel comfortable or convenient, ie from toes then up to your hands or vice versa.
  3. Rub gently in a circular motion, taking care not to press too hard or you might damage the skin. You could also use a loofah if you like.  Pay special attention to rough spots such as knees and elbows.  If you have time, try to incorporate massage techniques while you scrub and leave the scrub on your skin for a few minutes.
  4. When you’re done, rinse off any remaining granules with lukewarm water.
  5. If you don’t feel comfortable having oily feel on your skin, you could finish with a normal bath (with soap or body wash).
  6. While your skin is still damp, apply body moisturiser or lotion on your skin.

The process is very flexible – it’s totally up to you.  You could start with a shower first, cleansing your body with your favourite soap or shower gel.  Or you could skip #6, if your skin feels sufficiently moisturised.  There are really so many variations for you to experiment.  Have fun!


If your skin is healthy and firm, you can shower scrub up to three times a week. But if you have sensitive or thin skin, limit the scrubbing to once a week.  If you have sensitive skin, a sunburn, rash or other skin conditions, better consult the supplier on which scrub would most suit your skin.

Types of Body Scrubs

Typically, a body scrub has larger exfoliating particles than a facial scrub as the skin on your body isn’t as delicate as your face. Besides salt and sugar scrubs, body scrubs sometimes contain oatmeal, nut shells, crush leaves or flower petals, etc.  Some body scrubs include chemical exfoliants, like alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids and salicylic acid, to help with certain skin conditions.  You can get it online or at local stores such as Guardian and Watsons.

Actually, you can also make your own body scrub with ingredients like olive oil, honey, raw sugar, oatmeal and even coffee grounds.  And if you add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the mixture, it will transform your shower into a luxurious aromatherapy session.  There are many free diy recipes shared online, just pick and choose!  Most of the ingredients are easy to get, such as those free coffee grounds!

However, if you’d rather stick with your favourite shower gel, using a loofah or exfoliating cloth can provide the cleansing scrub your skin needs.  A couple of experiments with various products and tools will help you to determine a scrub and technique that you love best for your skin.

SweetGlo Scrubs

SweetGlo Body Scrubs

Now, let me introduce you to these 3 wonderful natural scented body scrubs from SweetGlo.  Whenever possible,  I prefer natural or organic, locally made products for my skin, so SweetGlo is perfect for me!  Why?  Because SweetGlo scrubs are all handcrafted, homemade scrubs, locally made from naturally sourced ingredients.

Plus, they are made to order so that we are guaranteed to get a fresh batch of scrubs every time we place an order. Without making a mess in the kitchen and without the need to get supplies here and there.  Now, isn’t that convenient?

SweetGlo currently has 3 different scents: Purple Blush, Citrus Pop and Mocha Latte.

• Purple Blush

Purple Blush smells so heavenly!  With fabulous ingredients such as Lavender essential oil, Lavender buds and Rosemary leaves (see pic below), it is no wonder.  The lovely Lavender is known to have soothing and relaxing effects while Rosemary is well known as one of those herbs with a thousand uses.  Together, they fill the air with the enchanting fragrance of love and romance.

SweetGlo Body Scrub Purple Blush Ingredients

I bet it’ll also feel very nice for those who wants a restful slumber after a stressful day at work.

• Citrus Pop

I always gravitate towards citrusy scents.  It’s energizing, perky and fun.  So, is it a wonder that Citrus Pop is my favourite scrub among these three?  With orange essential oils and lemon and lime zest – how can we not feel refreshed?  This one is uplifting.

SweetGlo Body Scrub Citrus Pop Ingredients

Mocha Latte

The delicious Mocha Latte scrub is crafted with coffee, an antioxidant known to be good for the skin, and cocoa butter which is well-known as a very good moisturising agent.  I love the coffee aroma, really rich and distinctive.

Psst…..Some believe that using a body scrub mixed with coffee grounds can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Try it and see for yourself!

SweetGlo Body Scrub Mocha Latte Ingredients

Each jar is RM25, but you can get 3 jars for RM60 only.  For more info or if you want to make an order, just visit their FB page.  SweetGlo is currently working on a few new scents (hint : a Piña Colada and a Palma Rosa), providing us with more gloriously scented homemade and natural scrubs.  I am really looking forward to trying out their new formulas.

So, if you’ve never done a body scrub before, get yourself a good product and give your body a scrub especially after a hard day’s work or after a workout.

Feel and see the difference.


Zurainny Ismail

Previously an IR consultant focusing on industrial harmony, she now serves as a Legal Manager. She still loves exchanging ideas and thoughts with others on many subjects. An occasional knitter and an aspiring crooner.

  • Yana

    December 13, 2017 #1 Author

    Kulit saya sensitif, mudah keluar ruam, dan mcm2 kalau ingredients x sesuai. Agak2 skrub ni sesuai ka utk org yg kulit sensitif?


  • nurulatika yunus

    August 25, 2017 #3 Author

    I never used a scrub before.. maybe I should try this.


    • Zurainny Ismail

      August 28, 2017 #4 Author

      Yes, you should! 😀 They are wonderful – just make sure to keep them in a cool place ya.


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