Executive Degree In Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Degree Human Resource

For those who are interested to become a Human Resource practitioner or HR practitioners who want to gain more expertise, have a look at these brochures on Executive Degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations offered by MEF Academy – Open University of Malaysia (OUM).

Upon completion of all program requirements, the Executive Degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations will be awarded by MEF Academy and Open University of Malaysia (institute of Professional Development), in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The course will commence on 2nd August 2015 and takes about 24 months. 

Lectures may be conducted on weekends and the whole course fee is RM17,000-00 (for non-member of MEF), and there are discounts for members and holders of other MEF Diplomas in HRM or IR. 

It seems that attendance is not required as assessment consists of 40% from assignment and project paper, and 60% from exams.

Who should attend this course?

Individuals who seek to upgrade to Executive Degree after having completed MEF Academy Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management & Development, MEF Academy Executive Diploma in Industrial Relations or the MEF Diploma in Industrial Relations.

7 thoughts on “Executive Degree In Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

  1. Salam En. Ismail..

    Mohon maaf menggangu, cuma saya ingin mendapatkan kepastian mengikut undang – undang. Untuk makluman, sya bekerja sebagai operator di sebuah kilang. Jadual bekerja saya sebelum ini 8pg – 530ptg. Baru – baru ini saya diarahkan bekerja pada sebelah malam kerana pada shift malam tiada supervisor dan sya diarahkan memantau pergerakan kerja malam atas sebab syarikat menerima jumlah order yang banyak dan perlu mencapai target. Soalan saya

    1. Adakah sah mengikut undang2 syarikat boleh menukarkan waktu kerja saya?
    2. Apakah tindakan yang boleh syarikat kenakan kepada saya jika saya enggan mengikut jadual kerja baru saya?
    3. Jika saya bekerja sebagai operator tetapi perlu melakukan tugas sebagai supervisor, apakah hak yg boleh saya rujuk?

    Segala jawapan yang diberikan amat saya hargai dan berterima kasih.

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