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Recently I posted several job ads on the internet. The response is very good. Quite a number of applicants applied for the post even though the salary offer is not that high.

However, the most annoying part is when vetting the applications I find that many of the applicants did not even bother to read the job’s requirements. I know many are desperate to land a job. Especially, those adik-adik fresh graduates.

But applying for a post that you clearly are not qualified to, won’t help you at all.

If there’s a ‘SPAM‘ button on the website, I will surely press it and flag you as a ‘spammer‘. Honestly, I don’t prefer to employ anyone who can’t read or understand what he/she have read. Please be mindful about this, ok! For sure, applications with this sort of carelessness would not be put in ‘kiv‘.

Applying For A Job

Before applying for any post, please take the time to carefully read the requirements. Some may need special requirements like professional certificates or special approval from government agencies. If you don’t have it, please don’t apply because we can’t hire you.

Furthermore if you’re a freshie, please don’t get excited and immediately apply for a senior post. Sorry, that post comes with added responsibilities and therefore experience is required. We would not consider you at all!

Those applying for a job, please plan your career carefully. If possible apply for a position that fits your qualification. If your qualification does not have many vacancies in the market, then you might want to re-think about your career and get a new qualification.

Tough, isn’t it?

It is best to start from the bottom. Gain experience and add more knowledge. You will find it very useful at a later stage of your career. At this point, you should only be thinking about how to improve yourself and become better on what you are specializing. Forget about salary and glamourous jobs, it will come to you as your CV grows and becomes impressive.

Ask your boss to send you for training and be prepared to take on extra responsibilities so that you can learn and improve.

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