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This is a continuation of my previous article, Executive Job Search Tips. Another thing that concerns me when an applicant send their CV to us is that they do not give us the pertinent information that will support their application. More often than not, we receive a pile of certificates going back to the time they were in kindergarten.

Guys, we don’t need that! Not even your Sijil Berhenti Sekolah or your UPSR and PMR!

Just give us your most recent certificates that are related to the job that you are applying for. SPM result is relevant only to show your proficiency in BM and BI. That is also subject to your scoring good marks for these subjects.

Your CV should also be short and straight forward. Just highlight your strong points. If we need further info, we will ask. Please refer to the job requirements and make sure that your cover letter, CV and certificates provide us the evidence that fits you to the job.

If you are not qualified due to minor issues such as not enough working experience, please explain to us in your cover letter why we should still pick you.

However, certain requirements such as professional qualification/certificates are not negotiable.


If we advertise for an A4 Chargeman, then make sure you have A4 Certificate recognized by the Energy Commission or do not apply at all. Same thing if we put on the ads that you must be registered with the Department of Safety and Health it means a certificate of Safety and Health course is not sufficient.

If you are a degree holder and applying for a post as a labourer or driver, there might be a high possibility that you will not be considered. This is due to the fact that most graduates will not take these sort of jobs seriously and only apply for it as a temporary measure.

Am I right?

Certain job requires the employee to travel around. As such, driving licence is important. We might even need you to have a GDL Licence. This is stated in the requirement. Therefore, please take the time to make a copy of the licence and enclose it in your application.

Please don’t make it difficult for the prospective employer to ascertain your qualification.

Some may not be interested to go through all the stack that you sent to them. They might just KIV immediately. So, you should take this advice seriously before applying for any job. Remember to put your best foot forward.

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