Sunday,20 August,2017

Human Resources

Tips On How to Write An Application Letter When There Is No Job Vacancy

What are unsolicited or speculative job application letters?  They are letters or cover letters that you submit together with your resume or CV for the purpose of applying for a position even though there is [...]

HR: Masalah Datang Lambat Ke Tempat Kerja

Ramai pembaca blog ini terdiri dari mereka yang berminat dengan hal-hal berkaitan pengurusan sumber manusia dan undang-undang buruh. Antara soalan yang kerap menjadi bahan pertanyaan adalah berkenaan masalah datang lambat ke tempat kerja. Isu ini [...]

Would You Pay For Pre-Employment Screening Company’s Services?

First of all, I must admit that life is full of opportunities if you can only seize it. You don’t have to blame the government or be involved in any illegal jobs to have a [...]