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Tips On How to Write An Application Letter When There Is No Job Vacancy

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What are unsolicited or speculative job application letters?  They are letters or cover letters that you submit together with your resume or CV for the purpose of applying for a position even though there is no vacant position advertised.

Why do people submit unsolicited or speculative job application letters? 


If there are no vacancies advertised, doesn’t that mean that there are no openings?

Not necessarily.

Occasionally, companies do not advertise, although there are vacancies or a need to fill in a post, because they prefer to recruit based on officers’ recommendations, or they are just not ready to go through the hassles of recruitment.

Sometimes, the companies are not sure that they really need to fill in a post but they are mulling over the idea.

Or maybe you’ve heard from a friend that there may be a vacancy in the near future.


So, should you wait and see?

What can you do?

You could write in and enquire.  Perhaps, you’ll get a reply. You could be exactly the candidate that they are looking for. Or, maybe you’ll not get any reply at all.

However, there is no harm in trying.  Right?

Who knows? You could get lucky.


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Let’s face it –  it is way easier to write a letter in response to an advertised position where the requirements are more or less spelled out clearly, but when there are no such specifics listed, it can be very tricky.

To give you some ideas on how to start your letter, if you are stumped on how to even start the first few words, here are some samples of unsolicited application or speculative letter of application which you could send to companies that you would love to work with even though there is no job vacancy advertised.

Kindly fill in the details of your address, the prospective employers’ address and the date yourself, ya.

Please feel free to expand, amend and modify these templates or samples of job enquiry letters according to your unique situation and writing style.

Insider Tip

The first sample would suit those who got ‘an insider tip’ from an employee of, or persons connected to, the prospective employer.

Letter 1


And here is another template or sample which would most probably suit housewives who are thinking of joining the workforce once more, after years of minding the kids and the house.

Feel free to make a follow-up call around 1 week after your letter is received.

Letter 2


Here’s a sample of a letter written by a very confident person.  Note that at the end of the letter, he requests a meeting, instead of waiting for a reply.  Such attitude could be admirable for those seeking positions in marketing and sales.

It shows determination!

Letter 3

Part-Time Job

Here are samples of unsolicited application letters that would suit students seeking part-time job during semester break or while waiting for their exam results.

These letters are a bit informal as both are applications for temporary positions.

Letter 4


Letter 5

Some other points to note:

  • Make sure you get the name, position and address of the person in charge 100% correct.  Do a bit of research – google or call the office and ask the receptionist nicely.
  • It would be great if you could summarise how your experience, skills and knowledge could help the prospective employer.  It’s more of a guess in this case, compared to applying for a specific job opening, but your research on the prospective employer should give you some clues about the sort of employee they are looking for.
  • If you have knowledge of particular problems or challenges the prospective employer had or is facing, you could mention the problems in your letter and further propose how you would solve them.  Or you could use your previous experience at over-coming similar challenges and state the results as specific as possible.
  • You could insert at the end of the letter, a request that your application be kept on file (kiv) in case of future vacancies.  It’s up to them whether to do it or not.
  • Check and recheck your letter – make sure there is no spelling and grammatical mistake.
  • It is imperative that you do some research into the prospective employers’ business and needs to increase the chances that your efforts will result in personalised and professional letters – which may impress them and increase your chances of getting an interview if the prospective employer has any job openings.

All the best!

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