Would You Pay For Pre-Employment Screening Company’s Services?

First of all, I must admit that life is full of opportunities if you can only seize it. You don’t have to blame the government or be involved in any illegal jobs to have a decent life. All you need is to be creative. Like those guys in “Pre-Employment Screening” industry. With so many fraudsters carrying their fake degrees around, sooner or later, you can bet someone will knock on your door and ask for your services. This is what has happened today. Pre-Employment Screening companies are on the rise and we already have one here in Malaysia. Soon, there will be many more.

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I spent many years in HR. However, I never had to deal with this problem. Lucky me, I guess. But bosses today have to be extra careful when selecting their prospective employee(s). Otherwise, they will end up employing a con man (or woman) in their office. When that happen, they will be considered lucky if these people are only incompetent in their job because some of them could be crooks waiting for the right moment to do mischief at the office or a legal suit waiting to happen.

Now, let us see how bad the problem is here in Malaysia.  July this year, police was reported to have question 40 individuals over bogus degrees and certificates bought through a company in Klang Valley. There are more than 500 high-profile individuals suspected of having committed similar fraud [Source: NST].

Well, that’s what I got for “googling” the internet for 10 seconds. There should be more report on this, I believe. I also found a report about a man living on RM7,000 pm salary as a lecturer and RM15,000 p/m as a government consultant using fake degree. Wah! So clever! Though so not seteruk like in Korea, where they caught a former GANGSTER with fake background working as language instructor. The guy was former member of Korean American gangs, had served time in the US for crimes such as second degree murder, kidnapping or rape, and was deported to Korea.

If those universities and government agencies can be tricked by them, what do you think they can do to your company? Would you hire a Pre-Employment Screening company to do the checking like THIS ONE? Or do you just do your own checking every time somebody applies a post at your company? Maybe small company ok lah kan? The turnover is quite low but if your company has expanded or you are the head of HR Department of a big public listed company, would you turn to them for help?

Note: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has developed a “Quick Response” (QR) to enable employers to detect fake UTM degrees [Source: NST lagi…]

Would You Pay For Pre-Employment Screening Company’s Services?

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  1. people are becoming more desperate these days. a wake call for the blue collar individuals heeee..

    best to have secondary opinions and services.. but then again… priority goes to your initial investigations before making a decisions… weather or not you have the time..

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